Plague Scholar


The Plague Scholar skill reads as it reduces incoming damage by 15% for each debuff your creatures have.

Why is it when I have 8 debuffs I am still taking damage? Granted this would be broken otherwise but is there a soft cap to damage reduction or is this intentional?


Zack will likely answer later.

Maybe the skill is multiplicative though.
0.15 * 1.15^debuffs
debuffs = 8
0.15 * 1.15^8 = 46% reduction.

Multiplicative stacking. Its 15% for each debuff, so 8 debuffs would end up being a 72.75% damage reduction. You can find this by (1 - 0.15)^8 to show the final multiplier on the damage you take.

Welp, more math review for me.