Player Realms/Sigils

In your stables you can configure up to 5 teams of 6 monsters that will represent in defending your own realm.

Your own realm consists of 5 levels, which increase in difficulty per level which is advanced, but each level only uses monsters of the configurations you made in the stables.

Your configurations are limited by 1 Nether demon per team, all your teams are based on the monsters you currently have, but are given generic stat growth scaled to the level of the invader and the current level they are at inside the player realm. All stats on artifacts are scaled to level of the invading player and are rolled to maximum e.g 255-255, 25%/25%.

A realm level can only be completed by defeating all enemy packs, tickets cannot be used, you cannot portal in and out otherwise you forfeit.

You basically enter someone’s realm with your current team, hoping to beat whatever fantastic kind of creature setup they could think of to stop you.

You pay in royalty points and power balance to enter a player realm. Lets say 100 power balance and 5 royalty points.

If you conquer someone’s realm you win royalty points, and 10 treasure chests which give rewards equal to the treasure chests to the highest realm level the creator has gone to and bragging rights.

In order to host your own realm you need to pay 50 royalty points. If your realm gets defeated 10 times with the current configuration. Your realm gets taken down and you need to pay again to put your realm up. You cannot reconfigure your realm while it is up, but you can take it down at any time. You gain 5 royalty points every time another player fails at trying to conquer your realm.

Object of player realms is to either create an undefeatable team that can defeat any team setup of a realm you invade. Or create a variety of teams that no invader has chance of defeating with just 1 team build.

Sounds reminiscent of the P2W genre of games already out there.
Meh, I’d pass if it went this direction and tied a massive amount of Royalty to it like you describe.