Please buff lich priest, debuff brim smith

I tried really hard to get a lich priest working as an attacker in the early game, spending more effort enchanting +hp artifacts for him than artifacts for anyone else, but I couldn’t get it to work out. By the 4th attack he was maybe hitting about as hard as my primary attackers had been from the start. Any chance we could try giving him +200% of hp consumed to attack?

On the other side, I wanted you to know that brim smith would still be an autoinclude in my early game parties if they only got +150% of artifact attack instead of +200%.

I agree that the Lich Priest could use a boost, but I don’t think the Brim Smith needs to be nerfed. It is very powerful in the early game, but is only moderately good in mid-game and completely useless once you get to high enough realms that your enemies always have much better stats than you do.

Lich Priest is a starter creature, and you shouldn’t try to compare starter creatures to later ones on quality - as the game goes on you’ll naturally acquire more powerful and varied creatures. Brim Smith, as I recall, only comes online in the forth or fifth tier.

That said, if you really want to make Priest viable, here’s a setup:


Lich Priest (2): give them an artifact that focuses on Max HP and any of the Trigger Finger, Siren Charms, or Midnight Feast enchants, all of which of which grant more turns for his ability to trigger on - with high max HP, the attack boosts become considerable.

Depravity Smith: Grants 200% health and luck to all creatures in his row from his artifact. Looks familiar, doesn’t it? If you can swing it, give him the Honed Blades enchant to further boost the Priest’s attack 15% each turn, otherwise just do something supportive and give him Health/Luck boosts, then shove him between the Priests.

Ashwood Ent: Gives all creatures Grace and Mend, keeping your Priests topped off and healing any dings you may take in the meanwhile. Give it the Inspirit enchant, which raises its attack 20% each time something gets healed, and watch it take off; give it defensive enchants to make sure it survives long enough to benefit.

Ruby Paragon: The Defend command raises all your creatures’ current and max HP by 10%, for more Lich Priest shenanigans. Give it either Celestial Furnace or Entanglement so that those defends aren’t wasted; each one will either shear 20% off current HP or have a decent chance to Entangle all enemies.

Thunderstruck Phoenix: Your timebuyer. Give it maximum health / defense, enchant with the Effervescence or Moon Ward abilities for constant Shell, and when it finally goes down it’ll buy you two more turns plus a 30% bonus on attack. I’d suggest Pegasus, but that doesn’t actually keep your creatures in good health, and your Lich Priests are fully capable of killing themselves.

I should have let you design the Major Sigil encounters, Vagrant. You’ve come up with some really crazy combinations!

I appreciate the build, and I might try it out later, but the point was mainly that Lich Priest doesn’t stack up to other Tier 1-3 creatures. Brim Smith is Tier 2. I’m not expecting Lich priest to stay playable forever.

I am comfortable with how it is performing overall. There are a lot of different stats/abilities/spells that combo well with it as well, and you can even use the health loss to your advantage with the help of other abilities. Its full usefulness might not be readily apparent from the start, but that’s fine. The rate that you progress and level up and unlock new creatures is so rapid that I don’t think there’s a need to mess with balance for the sake of the early-game.

Unfortunately, Zack, when you were designing Major Sigils it’s probable I was still bashing my head against Solforge, attempting to make good decks without dropping twenty bucks on legendaries. (it doesn’t work)

That said, if you’re on the lookout to revise any or create new ones, give me a poke and I’ll be glad to contribute. Siralim’s a labor of love from all of us at this point, aye?

I have no problem changing any existing Major Sigils, so if you have any suggestions for them feel free to let me know! Just note that I can’t control which spells/artifacts enemies spawn with.

Aye indeed. Though is say less labor, more love… ok, who am I fooling; time and effort spent on siralim is a bit much :3 and I love every moment. Worth.