Please clarify that Colony doesn't stack

I found out today that the Colony ability doesn’t stack, after enchanting three swords with the legendary material. It’s probably reasonable, balance-wise, but I think the ability should say “Does not stack.” in the description (assuming this was intentional).

Edit to add: iOS 2.0.9.

I’ll make it stack :slight_smile:

niiiiice :smiley:

What about hound dodge over 100%?

What about it? I’ll let you know how awesome it is. :smiley:

Each Dire Wolf’s dodge chance is rolled independently, so even though you’ll have a huge chance to dodge with 9 Dire Wolves, it’s not 100%.

Drat, I was afraid you’d be doing it that way. It’s how you do most of that stuff. 9 wolves only gives you a 1 - (1 - 0.15)^9 ~= 77% chance of dodging, actually.

Cool, I thought multiplication is only done between categories but is additive within a category. Does the same holds true for Crypt Bats? You get about 54% dodge chance instead of 72% with 6 bats?

You’d get 72% with Crypt Bats. Dire Wolves are only rolled independently because they also deal damage independently, so it’s done for homogeneity.