Please make debuff sharing/hybird traits work with "always has x" perks

I think making perks that permanently apply a debuff (Pyromancer burning, Bloodmage bleeding, etc) function with traits that apply the missing debuff out of a pair (e.g. Kindling = Bleeding/Burning, Here to Die = Bleeding/Poisoned) work turn 0 (the very start of the game) is a lot less confusing and opens up more strategies. As it stands, I believe none of these perks function with these traits, at least until the perk’s debuff is somehow refreshed.

For example, a spell could apply bleeding and the traits would then function as expected, or presumably if the initial perk’s debuff is removed (causing a new one to be applied) it would function as well, but never at the start of game.

Its strange that this doesn’t work thematically as it seems to imply through the wording the perk never “applies” the debuff, they just “are” debuffed forever, or perhaps that your monsters are not present when its applied. It could also be a bug somehow, but I think its just a strange interaction. Thanks for reading!

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