Pocket Dumpling - please consider this lol

I would really like it if we could get a upgrade to the pocket dumpling to be not so “wasteful” lol
I would like to propose the ideas:

Through a possible upgrade (ritual or something)
Allows the pocket dumpling to open an option that can select from using consumables Random OR! an option to select a consumable you would like the pocket dumpling to use every battle until the item is either used up or you change the selection.

Also an option to “de-activate” so I don’t have to brutally murder it to have it stop using consumables.
I really like the idea of the dumpling, it’s just currently so un-helpful when its using up my precious exp boosting items on battles I don’t want to use it on lol.

Would be great :slight_smile:

One intermediate-helpfulness option would be if you could tell it to always use the item you have the most of. That way, as long as you’re getting consumable items faster than one per battle, the number you have of each will still slowly increase.

I’d like to wait and see how big of an issue this is after the new loot distribution method is implemented. It’s designed to give you far fewer consumables than before - just enough to get you through each battle.

Isn’t that going to make it a bigger issue, though? At the moment, I use the pocket dumpling sometimes because even if it’s hideously wasteful, I know there’s no other way to use up all of the consumables I get.

Adding such convolution to a single item is something I’d like to avoid if possible. The Pocket Dumpling is basically just there to help you burn through consumables when you have too many and are too lazy to use them yourself. I think it would be reasonable to have a way to disable/re-enable it without killing it, though.

That makes sense. And I support the idea of having a way to disable it. It can be pretty disappointing to spend exalted emblems on it without having ever had one before, and quickly realize you’re going to need to kill it. (Maybe you could leave it with the Stables guy? Or maybe when you click on it you could have the option to, like … turn it back into an egg, or something. Or it could just pop out 3 exalted emblems when you brutally kill it. idk. )