Pocket Dumpling

About that pocket Dumpling… I was wondering if having it essentially means you can’t use resource consumables, like the granite or power boost items? Cause I find them very appealing and not being able to use them because the Dumpling removed them for a fight buff makes the item look very unappealing. Perhaps if the Dumpling had an option to switch between combat consumables and resource consumables, I might find more incentive to obtain the item.
Thoughts or comments?

It’s definitely something I’d like, because in the early realms there’s no way I need combat buffs - I might as well farm some resources instead. That said, it still uses resource boost consumables too, because it just chooses a random one.

You can use a consumable item manually before battle and the Pocket Dumpling won’t eat anything. That’s pretty much the extent to which you can control it, though.

I just brutally murdered mine lol. I didn’t like how it was using ritual boosting items when I had no rituals. Or using my dragon scales when I save those for sigils. And I don’t wanna use resource boosting items until 2.0.9 since the 100% boost is fixed on that version. Also it would use defense boost items and not a single guy was the type i fought against lol. Sadly due to its nature it had to be slaughtered.