POLL~Unique and set artifacts~POLL

if there was unique artifacts… or sets like in Diablo 2… equip 4 specific artifacts to 4 monsters on your team and get x bonus stats or a special team wide effect like first strike or immune to spells or something

The unique ones could have say and additional skill on it or something like immune to stun or status effects in general. Or maybe be able to have two legendary materials added… to prevent broken combinations they could come with one already on them but you could add one more

I think this would drastically provide more end game content. I would even be willing to come up with a few examples myself

Off the top of my head one unique could be

10 bonus enchant slots on top of of the ones gained from leveling the artifact and creature always attacks first.

There used to be unique artifacts when the game was in beta, but they don’t really work well as a mechanic in this game. The problem with unique artifacts is that they make normal artifacts completely obsolete which kind of makes the game cannibalize its own features.

Notice how in Diablo 2 (and 3), unique/set items are the only items that anyone cares about. This issue is really awful in Diablo 3 where sets are absolutely the only viable way to clear T6 rifts.

I completely understand what you mean about Diablo 3… Poe was how it should have been done lol.

But as far as make the current artifacts useless… don’t nether demons>nether>normal creatures already have that same effect?

A normal creature will never stand up to a nether demons extra stats and skill

I made it a poll to see what the consensus is

chances to find said artifacts 0.0001 % per realm increase by 0.0001 % XD (yes im just stupid) :smiley:

Maybe you make them so you have to craft them? Say you need x-y-z legendary materials something similar to a demon dust and a ritual

I was more thinking something along the lines of enchantment set effects that are of unique variety. It would not do anything by itself but the set bonuses would be added as more of the enchantment is equiped. If your going to enchant a set of the items then it requires a rarer material(pill level of rare) and you need to give all 2-6 items to the enchanter, so the set is enchanted at the same time. Other possibilities include the set artifacts restricting them to only being equiped to a certain class of monster. As an example a unicorn set that doubles the chance/effect of each creature’s innate ability, but you would need to use 6 unicorns equipped with the artifact set.

How would you plan on handling these “unique” artifacts if you were to implement them?

I dislike Set items, and the concept of randomly finding Uniques that are better than what you can craft - making your own ultimate items has always appealed to me. Instead, I could see using a new kind of material - Mythic, let’s say - during an artifact’s creation to give it an enchant that’s either race or class specific, and could also be coded to require a certain kind of artifact. This allows artifacts to be a little more customized than the current (Sword / Armor / Necklace) paradigm that pretty much rules the game as it stands.

Off the top of my head, seven examples:

Golem Hauberk - Machinehead enchant: When this Armor is equipped by a Golem, it is cured of any negative status effect after one turn.

Carver Kalambit - Killer Instinct enchant: When this Sword is equipped by a Carver, it ignores 30% of its target’s Defense.

Lich Phylactery - Tread the Abyss enchant: When this Ring is equipped by a Lich, it begins the battle with Rebirth.

Occultist Cage - Magesavant enchant: When this Wizard Hart is equipped by an Occultist, it begins the battle with Arcane and Magic.

Hunter Crossbow - Orion’s Laughter enchant: When this Bow is equipped by a Hunter, it cannot miss its target due to Dodge or Blind effects.

Chaos Axe - Skull Offering enchant: When this Axe is equipped by a Chaos creature, it lowers its target’s Chaos Defense by 40% on each hit.

Life Ribbon - Oasis enchant: When this Ribbon is equipped by a Life creature, it heals its team for 10% Max Health each time it Defends.

Going to vote no on this one.

The freedom of the artifact system as it is right now is what makes it so good. Adding “better” items such as sets or uniques forces people down a specific path if they want to stay relevant with their setup in the deeper realms. It’s really not a good system as proven by countless RPGs and Rogue-like games.