Positive Nitpicks

There are so many small details in the game that I absolutely love, and here are a few of them. I obviously will miss a lot of things, so if you want to, feel free to reply with more positive nitpicks.

When you use a Map of Farsight manually (in the description it says it cannot be used manually), it tells you to “try reading the description next time.”

In Gonfurian’s, the god of War, realm, you destroy Piety Candles. In every other realm, Piety Candles grant you +200 favor.

THE LORE. This isn’t really a small detail in the game, but I still want to point it out. The lore is so beautifully designed and well-written, with wit, consistency, and gives every single creature a personality. I can list so many things I love about the lore, but one of my favorites is the Abomination Volatile. The Abomination Volatile is a massive, strong, scary creature, and in its lore it says “The Abomination Volatile despises violence, and it prefers to grab its enemies and throw them far away so that they stop hurting it. Naturally, this has ended many lives.” This creature’s lore gives it personality, a backstory (which I didn’t include in the quote), and makes the reader chuckle.

The fact that there is a talisman for basically everything.

If your character eats some specific fruit in Torun’s realm, you actually get favor points, as Torun says “OH THANK !@#$. YOU FINALLY STOPPED TALKING FOR 5 SECONDS. THIS IS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY !@#$ING LIFE.”

The fact that your character says that the Shady Dealer is basically selling loot boxes (the Shady Dealer’s odds are much better than loot boxes though).

The fact that every god says something different when you kill a Treasure Golem, and every one of them, including some of the heartless freaks like Tartarith, are equally appalled.

The fact that there is a Sigil property with ‘contains extra Dumplings’. That this game would even think of that is amazing.

The fact that in every race, each creature almost always has something anatomically different that is unique from other members of their race. This can be big or small, but there are rarely any ‘recolors’ among creatures.

The fact that passwords for Blanch never expire (except the early access one)

I really enjoy the music, and it makes grinding for hours a lot more enjoyable!

Whenever I get a card or singular, even after I have gotten a lot already, I still feel really excited.

Each creature’s trait has a funny/fitting name and a funny/fitting legendary material to go along with it.
Example: Crazed Leper
Trait: Final Excretion
Material: Oozing Pimple

The fact that you feed cats an ice cream cone and fried chicken, which are both prettt absurd foods to give a pet cat.

The fact that you can get a costume for basically every character in the game (and that there are so many costumes!).

The charm system. I haven’t used it much YET, but it is so ingenious to include a system that will let a player find singulars, cards, and improve a knowledge level for a certain enemy for such a cheap price.

The fact that the developer is so involved in the game and still making great updates.

I haven’t played the game nearly as much as other players, so I’m really excited to find out even more things that I love about this game. I might update this with more positive nitpicks, but here’s what I can come up with off the top of my head :slight_smile: