Possible bug: after finishing the 'Enlarge Castle' project, my castle is the same size

As the title says, after finishing the ‘Enlarge Castle’ project, my castle remains unchanged. Do I have to reset the game for the change to go into effect, or am I misunderstanding the project? It did say ‘Whoa, your castle is huge!’

Is there something else I need to do?

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save and restart and your castle should be the new, larger size. or go do a realm and come back for it to take effect. either of those should work.

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Thank you! That worked :slight_smile:

I also didn’t know it was bigger to the south, I assumed it would get bigger to the north.

I’ve fixed it so that it’ll appear without needing to restart in the next patch - thanks for the report!

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You’re very welcome! I’m glad it is fixed!