Possible Bug - Creatures with "S" knowledge not dropping cards

Hi, I’m usually not one to complain of being unlucky with low odds but I’ve seen before bugs go undetected for years where odds were bugged.

For about 180-200 realms, I always used the Divination candle the same way. I summoned monsters with Knowledge C and tried to get their cards before they got to S. I managed to get 20-25 cards that way, mostly getting them when they got to A (likely because of better odds with that rank’s perk).
But for the 60-70 last realms, I started only summoning 3 packs of creatures that I got to S rank. I got 0 cards out of this. As of now I have 0 cards from Knowledge S creatures and I’ve been actively trying to get them. I might still be very unlucky and but it seems that at the rate the cards “drop” it might be something else. I’ve gotten maybe 7-8 cards of random creatures in realm that are Knowledge D,C or B since I summon 3 packs of S rank creatures.

Are there cards rarer than others and I’ve only been trying those? or is there something to look at here? I don’t have precise stats but there seem to be something not said in the game (Like cards rarer than others) or some kind of bug. I’ve been steadily summoning the Green Storm, The Wight that revives all allies 50% chance on death and one of the vaccinator (the one that adds a debuff but they last 1 turn).

That’s on mobile.

Add 20 realms to that. 0 cards from S knowledge creatures (from divination candle) while I got 3 from random (C or B). I encounter about the same amount of S as any other ranks. There’s clearly something I don’t get. It’s annoying me more than it should to the point where I’ve decided to put the game down for now.

This isn’t bugged. Cards are rare enough that what you’re describing is perfectly normal, and plenty of other players find cards from creatures with Rank S knowledge.

Is there another way to raise the card drop in game? In the last 20+ hours, I’ve used the divination candle 3 times in each realm to summon creatures that are at S Rank and got 0 cards. I know that sounds like I’m just complaining but that doesn’t make any sense to me.

Yes, I’ve seen that some are finding them that’s not the point. I also earn them, I just find that it is odd that I defeat more S rank than any other and yet find way more of the others when there’s supposed to be higher odds from rank A.

What I’m describing is not normal, If I roll a 100-sided die until I roll a 100, yeah I might never get it in a thousand rolls. But If I roll a 200-sided die until I roll a 200 and get it 20 times before I role a 100 on the 100-sided die, something is clearly up. Just because other people got a 100 before me has nothing to do with this.

Anyways, thanks for replying. If others are earning them, it definitely means everything is fine.

Zack, can you look into this and read my first post if you haven’t because it seems like you just read the title from your reply. I do this because I like this game and I strongly believe that there something wrong with this at least for some users. It is not about card rarity itself, like I said, cards are dropping just not cards from creatures with rank S. It makes no sense. Each time I play now it weight heavier and slowly losing my will to play and reconsidering getting the switch version when that will be done.

I made a post on reddit and some players say they experience the same but could not say it’s on a sample as large as mine. While my numbers are approximate, I’m not exaggerating them, they might even be worse.

It’s not like I’m looking to bother you or just complaining on the low drops. It just doesn’t make any sense getting 0 drop with more increased chances compared to 40 with lower chances. If you think that’s normal, I’m not sure what to think, considering the information given ingame.

Some cards take longer to get than others. Pit wraiths took me forever to complete, and i was doing 8 or more 4x summons per floor. 4x is 20 battles times 8 is 160 fights per floor. Took me 10 floors sometimes. I got a statue on Sanctum umbra that gave 200 percent for cards chance. That was cool. Got like 6 cards.