[Possible Bug] Effect-on-death animations

Yesterday I was playing on .27, and my fallen carnage wouldn’t go through the tedious midnight feast kill/heal animation if the skill it used killed all the opponents. I am currently using .30 and this is back. I thought it was an amazing quality of life improvement not to have to sit through superfluous kill-effect animations if the skill used killed all opponents. I guess I need more information if what was happening in .27 was the bug, or if what is happening in .30 is the bug.

Edit: also if a spell is multicast, and the monsters die before all spells are cast, it will continue to cast (in .30). It did not do this in .27.

There was some bugs with the premature stopping of animations so zack temporarly reverted it.


he posts the patch notes in the above place

Ah ok, that makes sense, and thanks for the link to the hotfixes, much appreciated!