[Possible Bug] Long load and save times

Game version: 0.1.20
OS: Windows 10

I’ve been experiencing some fairly long load and save times while playing, and the more I play, it seems the longer the load and save times have been getting. During loading my save file, entering areas, and saving my game, the game stops responding for about a minute, and sometimes Windows even tries shutting it down because of lack of response.

The included video shows a slightly earlier version of the game (0.1.19), but this is still happening in 0.1.20 too. I also have task manager open side by side to show it isn’t likely a hardware issue. C: drive is where the OS is installed, and Z: is where Siralim Ultimate is installed.

I’ve tested out a few other games on my computer as well, though I haven’t had any issues with loading times with them, which also suggests that it’s not a hardware issue.

This is actually included as a fix in today’s patch (coming in 30 minutes or so)! It might not solve it 100% yet but you will notice a massive improvement.

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Thank you so much! All these fixes are coming out insanely fast!