Possible Bug with Druid's Independence Perk


While playing as Druid, I noticed that the Independence perk, which grants a percentage increase to maximum health for missing creatures, don’t always give the correct amount of extra health.

I started noticing it when playing in Frostbite Caverns, bringing only a Sand Giant, with Independence Rank 10. To my understanding, the perk should give a 50% increase to maximum health, since i have 5 missing creatures.

Here’s a few screenshots for clarity:

When facing 6 Gimp Mummy from the grave, maximum health increase from 144 to 216 (72 points), exacly 50%.

However, when facing a mix of different creatures in the same realm (depth 04), my sand giant’s health only increase from 144 to 179, only 35 points (about 24.30%).

I wonder if the presence of another Giant have anything to do with it, or if there is something else that I might have missed on my part.

Thanks, I’ll take a look and see what might be happening!

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Thanks, it work fine now.