Possible bug with the interaction between at least 2 traits


Possible bug with a specific trait interaction:

Death’s Bite: At the end of each ally’s turn, this creature attacks a random enemy for 30% damage.

Elimination Process: After this creature attacks, it attacks a random enemy 2 times. These extra attacks deal 50% damage.

Im currently using an Ottum (Elimination Process) with the Death’s Bite on an artifact. Whenever Death’s Bite proccs, Elimination Process does not activate on the following attack. The Ottum only attacks once that is.

The reason I think this is bugged is that I used the same Trait (Death’s Bite) with at least 2 different Hunter traits (Director and Faith iirc) which worked as I expected (Their traits activate on the attack from Death’s Bite).
I am also no where near the cap on attacks as the only creature i have with multiple attacks is the Ottum itself.

Maybe this is the case for other traits that attacks more than once as well?

Screenshots of combat log incoming!

Thanks! Elimination Process wasn’t working with a lot of things, as you guessed, so I’ll try to get that fixed.