Possible bug?

Ok so not sure whats happening maybe i am just missing something here. So i have the sorcery character. I found a Gem of Suffocation put it on my cubed pet. Now my issue is. ALL of my creatures during battle are casting that spell as the primary top option spell. None of them have the gem. And not all are sorcery type creatures. Its frustrating because i cannot do quick auto fighting due to this spell being casted by all creatures as top spell option. I have to do manual fighting and always scroll down a spell to avoid casting suffocation. How are life creatures and all other creatures casting this spell while none are holding that gem? I have checked every Artifact and Trait dozens of times to see if there is something making this occur by some trait. Noone has a trait that allows a spell gem to be copied and casted by all creatures including non sorcery creatures. Only trait that i have is from my imp hexor, he is the one that lets all allies cast Shellbust for 0 mana. These shellbusts are stuck under the suffocation spells. They used to be top spell for all creatures i was shellbusting everything to death with ease. But now suffocation is top spell for all creatures. I am
frustrated now my battles are slowed down, grinding sucks atm… Also is there anyway we can make a gem a primary spell? This way when we auto quick fight it always picks that gem to cast? Instead of making me manually pick the spell i want to always use during grinds? Seems even if i change the gem orders, and put my preffered gem 1st on list it still makes me cast another gem instead of the top one i put in.

Ok i got answered at Steam boards. Seems those boards are 100x more active lol my gem had a prefix called Generous… Now i know to look out for prefixes. Oh and my dumb butt found the gem default button option