Possible online feature

Hi Zack,

First of all, amazing game, I have never put so many hours so fast in a game, that’s inluding AAA games. I have also never looked forward for a game as much as I do for Siralim 2, indeed this will be my single most favorite franchise XD.

Well let me get to my suggestion:

Back when I was younger I played a lot of Pokemon Emerald, but I lived to far away for my friends to come over every other day, so we used a feature called ‘secret base’ where you could save a team so in theory you could battle your friends even when they weren’t around. I was wondering if such a feature could complement Siralim 2. If it doesn’t give any experience or materials and there isn’t a leaderboard balancing issues would be practically non exsistent. I think it would be great to be able to show your combination of creatures to your fellow players and/or maybe use this feautre to get the ideal combination.

That’s all, I hope this subject didn’t already show up in the forums.