[Possible Spoiler] What constitutes as 'Healing'?

Hey everyone! I’ve been working on building a team around the ability Inspirit, which grants the creature 20% attack when one of your creatures is healed. The trouble that I am having, however, is that ‘healing’ seems to be a bit ambiguous. I’ve noticed that ability only activates when a healed creature has less than 100% HP, even if the battle log says that the creature is healed - that’s understandable. Abilities such as Mend, however, do not seem to count as ‘healing’ for the sake of the ability. I’m trying different combinations currently to see what counts as healing and what does not, but it’s a bit of an arduous process. Does anyone have any information on what type of healing activates Inspirit?

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

Inspirit will activate from any healing effect that takes place through the duration of a creature’s turn - but not at the beginning. So while Mend doesn’t work, casting a healing spell does, as will the Priest of Light’s ability that heals all of its allies. It’s also important to note that creatures that have effects such as “Increases the Current and Maximum Health of a creature by X%” do not count as healing, as that’s a stat increase rather than a heal.

Excellent, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

I am pretty sure I have had my pit wraith dominator gain attack after a creature mends. Not sure if that is supposed to change though coz I am still playing on 2.0.18 for ios.

When all of my creatures have both Mend and Grace, I definitely see the Inspirit ability trigger. However, I think that our isn’t triggering off Mend and is instead triggering off the bonus healing from Grace.

It is possible that this is a bug. (That is, I don’t know if Mend + Grace is supposed to trigger the Inspirit ability, but currently it does.)

The healing I get is from mend. I am using the rare mend inscription and not the ability with mend+grace.

The Mend interaction as it relates to healing has some strange behavior at times, but it’s a surprisingly difficult thing to fix. It’ll get fixed eventually, though.

On a similar note, what kinds of “healing” trigger the Blight debuff? Because I’m pretty sure Mutant Swampdwellers have been making one of my creatures take damage from an ability-based Max Health increase (Jailbreak: Your creature has bonus Luck and Max Health equal to its speed).

Blight and Grace operate based on the same effects.

Now that you mentioned it, though, Jailbreak looks like it’s falsely accused of being considered a healing effect. I’ll fix that for the next patch.

Maybe in the descriptions of skills (and some other things), you could add one line that shows the classification to clear things up. Something that showed “Type: Healing” or “Type: Buff” would clear up a lot. Same with things like “Type: OnAttack” or “Type: Bonus Attack”.

I don’t know if this would help or not, but perhaps changing the description of Inspirit to “When one of your creatures recovers health (does not include health gained from Mend), this creature gains 20% Attack” would clear up some of the confusion. As it stands now, there’s no clear indication that Mend does not work with the ability, nor that a creature needs to be less than 100% to count as being “healed” for this ability to activate - though, with a bit of testing, it is easy enough to figure out, so I don’t know how important changing it really is. Do abilities such as Ruby Attunement count as healing for Inspirit, out of curiosity (specifically gain x% Current Health)?

I have also tried out ruby attunement and it does not work with inspirit.

I thought that might be the case - thank you for the heads up!

I think there shouldn’t be both heal and recover. Choose one or the other unless there are different. If mend doesn’t trigger heal effects, it should not use heal.

Heal and recover are the same thing, “recover” is just used in some cases because it’s shorter than typing “are healed for”, and given the limited amount of room the interface has for this text, it’s sometimes necessary.

Mend is supposed to trigger heal effects, it’s just a limitation with the way the battle engine is coded right now.