Possible to get 100% chance to dodge?

I just bought the new game, and peeking through the various perks you can buy, I saw that the dodge perk under the creatures category has 100 ranks. As each rank adds 1% chance to dodge, it stands to reason that maxxing the perk would mean your creatures dodge every attack levelled against them. I doubt I need to say this, but since that’s essentially god mode, I really think that should get a swift nerf. Maybe 50 ranks tops? 50% chance to dodge plus another 30% on top of that from grace still greatly stacks the odds in your favor.

Sorry if this came across as stuffy, by the way. I’m tired and in “game face mode.” That tends to happen in the rare situations when I’m serious.

That multiplies your chance by the base chance - so if you have a 20% chance to dodge, it’ll be 40% at max rank. There is a hard cap on dodging as well though, so you’ll never hit 100% no matter what happens.

Good to know. These sorts of things are terribly confusing, but number crunching like this can be sort of fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mierda, I’m still getting PTSD flashbacks of enemy Spring Aspects and their “30%” chance to dodge and heal.

not sure the exact formula but the defence formula seems do be similar to DWM
this means that high defence results in attacks missing.
you can abuse this with the life starter. i was able to get hundreds of thousands of defence in the first boss battle