Possible Unintented Immortailty

I’m not sure if this interaction is intended and wanted to flag it just in case.

Mithril Imler’s trait Spirit Link shares damage between all Imlers/Imlings. The damage is converted to trait damage when this happens.

Angelic Voidlord’s trait makes that creature immune to non-attack/spell damage.

A combo team of Mithril Imler/Angelic Voidlord and any other Imler or Imling/Angelic Voidlord seems to be immune from any damage at all from what I’ve (briefly) tested. Attacks -> Trait damage (immune), Spells -> Trait damage (immune), Debuffs -> Immune to the damage component, Other trait damage -> Immune.

Now this eats up a lot of trait slots/severely limits your team composition. It doesn’t leave much room for much else to increase your damage/utility, so maybe the trade-off is ok.

I’ll make a note of this, thanks!