Possibly Revert/Revisit Druid's Reclusive Remedy

Hi Zack,

I was hoping that you could take a look at possibly reverting the change made to Reclusive Remedy in 0.4. Previously, it was a very strong (but very welcome) immunity to Debuffs. As of now, it is instead Resistant to Debuffs; however, I am not sure it has quite the right “feel” now, for a handful of reasons.

  • Resistant only applies to ~half of the game’s Debuffs, and even with Resistance, some of them are still much stronger than others (Frozen and Snared being the big ones).
  • Confuse and Blind still apply in full as there is not a Resistant version of those Debuffs.
  • Lack of Immunity can turn the Adaptation perk (start battle with 1 buff per missing creature) into a threat due to the prevalence of the Absolute Corruption spell gem (leading to it almost being optimal to run the Spec without that perk enabled).

I can go into more detail, if that would be helpful - my thought process splashes into some other categories this affects as well, such as action economy and build flexibility/opportunity cost.

I would love to hear your thoughts as well!

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I’ve been using Onyx Carbuncle trait to produce this effect, not sure if that will help or not. There are a number of ways to trigger it depending on your team comp.

A fair fix would indeed be to make resistant versions of the other debuffs as well; This way all sources of debuff resistance are more valuable and trustworthy.

Yeah, Druid isn’t nearly as fun anymore, but I agree it is kind of annoying that half the debuffs aren’t affected at all, so the perk only slightly increases your protection against some debuffs. :confused:

I also feel it might be nice if there was a bonus chance to avoid debuffs per missing creature. Maybe 10% per creature so a 50% chance to avoid debuffs at max?