Post-game and Endgame Idea Compilation!

Just what the name indicates. A nice little compilation thread to make postgame and endgame ideas easier for Zack to find. Got any? Share 'em here!

I’ll start. Firstly, with these other threads I had going.

I’m also going to link THIS thread by Fluffy the Wise, who did the Christmas event monsters, and possibly others as well. It’s full of pretty cool stuff, and certainly worth a look.

And secondly, with a new idea, another NPC that, IF Zack opts to use, I’d be happy to write dialogue for:

“A valorious ruler appears! I’ve tasks that befit someone with bravery in their spirit and courage in their gut!”

Another one of those NPCs that can appear in realms after the defeat of the final boss…though she’s more likely to appear in the Kingdom of Heretics then other realms. Have a conversation with her and defeat the team of monsters she sics on you to test your valor(bonus points if she uses a beefed-up Vulpes as her point-man!), and she’ll move to the castle. Once there, she’ll offer Campaigns…essentially, mini-quests set up like the main game’s dungeons, a set of three floors, two of which are normal floors with objectives, and one that’s a boss-fight against a Campaign Boss, essentially beefed-up monster that starts with a few buffs and/or an extra trait, like supercharged Nemesis bosses. The main draw here might be Questor Tokens, which one can deliver to her in exchange for rewards as if she were a god shop, and possibly a Talisman…

Appearance-wise, Kikkyujou is a striking fox lady. She’s got wild auburn hair, and wears a simple, purple kimono with some samurai-style armor over it…the chestplate and shoulder guards, basically. Her waist is tied with a rope, attached to which is a sheathed sword, her feet are bare, and behind her is a big mess of nine fox-tails, each auburn with a white tip.

And an idea for the Talisman:

Name: Kikkyujou’s Bravery
Max. Level: 100
Where: Campaign shop.
Effect: Campaign Boss chests have a 1% chance to pay out additional Questor Tokens.
Super Effect: Campaign Boss chests now provide more loot in general.

So, with that, share your thoughts and feel free to share your own stuff too!

And something I’ve been thinking about earlier this week, possible NPCs that relate to Artifacts(which, again, I’ll be glad to write for IF Zack goes for them).

“Well, glad ta see ya, pardner. What can ah do fer ya today?”
“The path o’ artificin’s a long one, but one ah’ll gladly walk as far as ah can walk it.”

A pair of NPCs that can appear in realms after the defeat of the final boss. The first one met is the younger brother, Wesson, who, when spoken to, will eagerly move to the castle to ply his skill. However, once there, he’ll provide a sidequest to track down his older brother, Smith, who then also appears in realms.

Both brothers are Artificers, which means they specialize in artifacts, but not quite like how the Blacksmith does it. Rather, they improve existing artifacts by letting you delve into them, Item World-style, do a brief realm(note: if the Unaligned Realms are a thing, the Armament Spheres would be PERFECT for this!) and fight a boss, like an Itherian Realm, with the brother chosen replacing Umaro’s appearance at the end. Both also do diffrent things: Smith allows one to improve applied parameters beyond the usual scope…to an extent…and Wesson allows one to apply more parameters beyond the usual six…again, to an extent.

Appearance-wise, the brothers are similar below the waist…they wear dark pants with leather chaps over them, and tough boots with spurs. ABOVE the waist, they differ a lot: Smith wears a simple shirt, a leather-colored poncho, a stetson hat and a 5-o-clock shadow, whereas Wesson wears a dapper, grey suit-jacket with a white shirt under it, a matching bowler hat and has a moustache.

Now, time for a bit of a round-up by a Discord poster who’s asked me nicely to share some of his stuff.

At later stages of resource gain, a wandering merchant could sell exotic items at accordingly-inflated prices, to act as a resource sink.
An option could involve a small garden plot back in the castle. Maybe grow a resource-bearing tree, or even Seed of (element)-bearing ones there to harvest inbetween levels.
An antagonist, perhaps some sort of rival mage, a ruler from another land, a cultist of one of the gods or even just a monster who's learned to fight like a mage. First encountered at the realm that's the nearest multiple of 50 from where you are, and recurs every so often through special teleportals, with randomized dialogue and some special loot it can drop.

And, if I’m allowed a small bit of vanity in regards to the Unaligned Realms, an accompanying NPC(which, predictably, I’d love to write dialogue for).

“Well, good to see you’re still alive, Your Majesty! Come, have a look at the things I’ve assembled for you today!”

Another one of those NPCs that can appear in realms after the defeat of the final boss. The Monsterologist shows up in realms after one’s first encounter with an Unaligned Realm…he studies them, and the unusual monsters that dwell within, and, upon being spoken to, he moves to the castle. At his core, the Monsterologist serves two purposes: he provides Mini-Quests for the Unaligned Realms(that stack with the Questress’ mini-quests sometimes!), and he’s a shopkeeper who takes Unaligned Tokens and exchanges them for stuff, usually special monsters based on ones from the Unaligned Realms that don’t normally appear in the rotation.

Appearance-wise, Raiko is human. He has long, silver hair, accented with a green headband. He also wears white robes, but with a green, wide-sleeved jacket worn over them. On his back is a fair-sized backpack that his hair partially falls over.

And an idea for a possible Talisman he sells:

Name: Monsterology Almanac
Max. Level: 200
Where: Monsterologist shop.
Effect: Unaligned Realm quests and treasure boxes now yield 0.50% more treasure.
Super Effect: Monsters from the Monsterologist shop now appear in the Unaligned Realms’ enemy rotation. These monsters provide 1.5 times the normal amount of Resources when defeated.

Just posting to say that I’ve split up the content of my big thread into two other threads and fixed the links in the first post accordingly.

Ilberd needs some love, and we need some room for new things so makin the best of BOTH worlds right now.

Side Quest: Ilberd’s Request
Objective: Give Ilberd 1m in each resource
Reward: Side Quest

Side Quest: Ilberd’s Promise
Objective: Complete 1 of each quest: The Robes off Their Back, Quality Construction, Twinkling Titanite, Conquest for Cores, Citizens of a Growing Empire, Armaments for War, Pelted with Gifts, Calling of Arms.
Reward: Construction Table (Upstairs)

Construction Table
Similar to Siralim 1 and 2. you pay resources to unlock things for your castle. It works differently, however. You pay a fair bit of resources and obtain a side quest. Once you finish the side quest, you obtain the reward. It starts with one blueprint but you can get more by finding them in realms or talking to certain NPC’s.

Blueprint: Magical Jukebox
Obtained: Start
Price: 100k of each resource
Side Quest: What the Funk?
Objective: Grind 100 Runes and Gems to power this new machine.
Reward: Magical Jukebox, Ability to find Records in chests and grinding, Blueprint: Jukebox MK II.

Blueprint: Jukebox MK II
Obtained: Completing
Price 200k of each resource
Side Quest: Funk it Up
Objective: Find 10 mechanical parts to upgrade the Magical Jukebox
Reward: Ability to change the songs that play in each area.

Blueprint: Enchanted Recycling Bin
Obtained: Talking to Luna after obtaining the Construction Table
Price: 1m of each resource
Side Quest: Reasons why you should Recycle
Objective: Grind 100 Spell Gems and 100 Artifacts
Reward: Enchanted Recycling Bin

Blueprint: Achievement Trophy
Obtained: Realms
Price: 100k of each resource
Side Quest: Achievement Gotten
Objective: Find the Achievement Trophy in a realm
Reward: Activement Trophy

Blueprint: Theater Room
Obtained: Bought from Purple Jester for 100 Cloth Scraps after obtaining the Construction Table
Price: 1m of each resource
Side Quest: Find the Costume Maker
Objective: Find the Costume Maker (Red Jester) in realms
Reward: Costume Maker

Blueprint: Itherian Powerflux
Obtained: Itherian Realm Depth 100+
Price: 500k of each resource
Side Quest: Finding the Powerflux
Objective: Beat the boss of Itherian realm 200+
Reward: More Sigil Properties

Magical Jukebox
This item fixes and plays weird stones called “records”. These stones are found in chests and rarely when grinding runes or spell gems. Upgrading it makes it’s magic powerful enough to change the songs that play in the background of battles, realms, and even the castle.

Records and Record Shards
There (should be) is a record for every song in Siralim 1-3. (Zach can add whatever he pleases other than these) Each record takes 10 Record Shards to make and it makes a random record you do not have yet.

Enchanted Recycling Bin
This item replaces your Enchanted Trashcan and allows Luna to configure more options for the item. Instead of removing the items from the pool like the trashcan however, it replaces them with resources.

Costume Maker
“Have you ever wanted to look like your pal over there?” You see him point to your (First creature in party). “I can make you look like that for just some cloth and some resources.”
This NPC can make a costume of ANY creature. All you need to pay is 20 Cloth Scraps, that creatures core, and that creature’s legendary material. To get the creature’s singular pallet you have to obtain the singular once and already have it’s costume. It would cost 50 cloth scraps, one core (not singular), and one legendary material.

Achievement Trophy
This item gives you rewards for completing a certain amount of achievements. Usually resources, but DOES give talismans. Note there is no rewards for completing Story quests.
X category 10%: 10k Resources
X category 20%: 20k Resources
X category: 30%: 50k Resources
X category 40%: 75k Resources
X category 50%: Talisman
X category 60%: 100k Resources
X category 70%: 1m Resources
X category 80%: 5m Resources
X category 90%: 10m Resources
X category 100%: 100m Resources

Sigil Properties
[R] Chests contain more (Spell Gems/Resources/Eggs/Tomes/Emblems/Runes/Seeds/Bottled Fairies/Misc Items/loot)
Bonus: 5%
Rarity: Adds to Chests contain more Artifacts (Artifacts 25% Spell Gems 25% Resources 25% Emblems 5% Runes 5% Bottled Fairies 5% Misc Items (Any other item not listed) 5% Eggs 2% Tomes 1% Seeds 1% Loot 1%)
[E] Nemesis Enemies always have X Affix
Bonus: 10%
Rarity: Normal Affixes 80%, Greedy 19%, Genius .5% Knowledgable .5%
[E] Enemies all share their traits with each other.
Bonus: 10%
[E] Enemies drop X% (10-200) more resources
Bonus: 1% per 10%
[P] Your Perks have no effect
Bonus: 20%
[R] Contains extra Singulars (Doubles the singular chance) (Note this is really rare)
Bonus: 20%
[P] Your creatures have X% (10-200) less X (Attack/Intelligence/Speed/Defense/Health)
Bonus 2% per 10%

Costume Maker I
Obtain 1 creature costume
Points: 1
Costume Maker II
Obtain 10 creature costumes
Points: 2
Costume Maker III
Obtain 50 creature costumes
Points: 3
Costume Maker IV
Obtain 100 creature costumes
Points: 5
Costume Maker V
Obtain 250 creature costumes
Points: 7
Costume Maker VI
Obtain 500 creature costumes
Points: 10

All: Overachiever’s Crown
Character: Great Fairy Wings
Creatures: Genetic Tome
Items: Warehouse Box
Gods: Golden Charm
Battles: ???
Realms: Discount Coupon
Castle: ???

Talisman: Overachiever’s Crown
Achievement Points are worth X% more (1% per level)
Level 100 reward: Achievement Points grant a bonus to resource gain in battle .1% per point
Max Level: 100

Talisman: Great Fairy Wings
Increases your chance to find Gore Knives by X% (1% per level)
Level 100 reward: Sacrifices with the Gore Knives gives 1 deity point
Max Level: None

Talisman: Genetic Tome
Increases your chance to find Blood Knives by X% (1% per level)
Level 100 Reward: Sacrificing Primed creatures with the Blood Knife gives it’s respective gene
Max Level: None

Talisman: Discount Coupon
Merchant sells items at a X% discount. (.5% per Level)
Level 100 bonus: Merchants will appear twice as often.
Max Level: 100

Talisman: Warehouse Box
Merchant sells X% more items. (1% per Level)
Level 100 bonus: Merchant will rarely sell new, somewhat pricey items. (Knives, Eggs, Cards, Rune Dust(10), Tomes, Pills of Upgrading, Fairy Bottles, Map of Farsight (Dunno why this is not sold already; normal rarity for this item) Seeds, Record Shards)
Max Level: None

Talisman: Golden Charm
Increases Favor gained by X% rounded down. (1% per level)
Level 100 Bonus: Doing anything in a realm gives a small amount of favor (1-2 favor for breaking objects, battling (upon win), opening chests that is unaffected by this taliman’s bonus)
Max Level: 400

Hey, some cool stuff! Thanks for sharing, C7, some cool ideas there!

Just had another Talisman idea, and I’m naming it after someone who’s been a huge help when it comes to what I do.

Name: Dianne’s Demonic Aid
Max. Level: 200
Where: Random drop, though possibly also the Monsterologist shop.
Effect: S-ranked monsters now give 0.50% more resources when you defeat them.
Super Effect: S-ranked monsters are now more likely to drop their Card.

As an aside, I’ve been pondering some stuff about additional Dumpling types, to shake some stuff up and get more oomph out of Torun’s Expletive. Here’s the five results of my labor(also, I figure each of these pays out a vastly increased amount of their associated resource):

Added Monster: Jalapeño
Trait: Spicy Goodness(Hot Dough Ball)
Effect: This monster grants a stacking boost to Brimstone gain for every in-battle turn it survives, starting at 50% and ending at 300%.

Added Monster: Candy Prism
Trait: The Sweetest Thing(Sweet Dough Ball)
Effect: This monster grants a stacking boost to Crystal gain for every in-battle turn it survives, starting at 50% and ending at 300%.

Added Monster: Waffle
Trait: Taste Grid(Pressed Dough Ball)
Effect: This monster grants a stacking boost to Essence gain for every in-battle turn it survives, starting at 50% and ending at 300%.

Added Monster: Choc Rock
Trait: Stop The Choc(Crunchy Dough Ball)
Effect: This monster grants a stacking boost to Granite gain for every in-battle turn it survives, starting at 50% and ending at 300%.

Added Monster: Rumbling
Trait: Pure Power(Glowing Dough Ball)
Effect: This monster grants a stacking boost to Power gain for every in-battle turn it survives, starting at 50% and ending at 300%.

These five, paired with the Nugget monster from Fluffy’s thread(link in the first post, said monster also looks super-sweet) ought to spice things up a tad, and perhaps even add more rewards to the Librarian, for stacking amounts of bestiary completion.

You know how I’ve included some special monsters with names that don’t match the others over in My other thread? I’ll link them all here for convenience:

Special Monster: The One-eyed King
Trait: Seeing is Believing(Royal Eye Drops)
Effect: So long as this monster lives, enemies’ Blind debuffs last forever.

Special Monster: Red Hare
Trait: Fastest In The Land(Red Flufftail)
Effect: This monster will always get the first turn. On that first turn, its first attack hits at 50% extra damage, plus additional damage equal to the SPD diffrence between this monster and its target: the slower the target, the more damage is done.

Special Monster: The Flyin’ Sheilah
Trait: Burning Heart(Championship Belt)
Effect: When this monster has Berserk, it takes 50% LESS damage instead of 50% MORE damage.

Special Monster: Mommy Longlegs
Trait: Silken Finery(Loving Spider Eyes)
Effect: Your Direspiders, Mites and Arachnalisks have 10% more DEF for every monster of the same type in the party, counting this monster as being of the same type.

Special Monster: Lady In Red
Trait: The Lady’s Contempt(Living Interred Flesh)
Effect: Enemy creatures take 40% more damage from Critical attacks. This trait does not stack.

Special Monster: The Unknown Hero
Trait: Fight Another Day(Sepia-toned Picture)
Effect: This monster always has Grim, but so long as this monster is alive, your party takes 25% less damage.

Special Monster: The Black Tower
Trait: On A Moonlit Night(Twisted Force Essence)
Effect: So long as this monster is alive, enemies with Burn or Stun spread these debuffs to other enemies adjacent to them.

Special Monster: The Unforgiven
Trait: The Need To Repent(Shackled Waistband)
Effect: At the end of this creature’s turn, it has a 7% chance to take another turn for each Forgiven fighting on your side. If it’s taken that turn, it then has a 3% chance to take a third, last turn for each Forgiven fighting on your side.

Special Monster: The High Bishop
Trait: Mundane Or Miraculous?(Blessed Clear Blood)
Effect: At the start of this monster’s turn, if it does not have Bleed, it gives itself Bleed, but ignores the effect. So long as it has Bleed, it will always survive the first attack aimed at it that’d kill it, leaving it at 1 HP. It also gains Mend.

Special Monster: Saidai Kensei
Trait: The Highest Pinnacle(Pristine Tsuba)
Effect: When this monster has a Sword equipped, it always has Grace, Protect, Ward and 20% ATK, SPD, DEF and INT.

Special Monster: Cap’n Marblefist
Trait: Raiding The High Seas(Marbled Shimmerscale)
Effect: This monster deals 50% more damage to targets that have Snare or Stun. This monster deals a further 25% more damage to targets with Snare or Stun if it has Berserk or Critical, and 50% more damage it it has both.

Special Monster: The Archaeo-Dynast
Trait: Clay Caskets(Ancient Tailbone)
Effect: This creature has a 5% chance to, when it attacks, instantly kill its target for every creature with Mud on the battlefield. This creature starts with Mud, but ignores its effect.

Yanno, these guys? I figured they had a special arrangement to them. Specifically, I figured these could be bosses over in Siralim 4, should it ever be made, and should my works be judged good enough to be admitted.

Here’s how I figure it goes: each of these are bosses for a stretch of the story, perhaps a bit that deals with the Unaligned Realms. After being defeated, they then do the Zantai thing…ONCE. They show up when exploring the Unaligned Realms, and when you hit the nearest realm depth multiple of 50. You beat them, and they give you a Talisman that works like Evolution of Zantai(The One-eyed Crown, Red Hare’s Saddle, The Sheillah’s Gloves, Longlegs’ Web Ball, Memento In Red, Unknown Hero’s Mask, Black Tower’s Brick, The Unforgiven’s Rags, High Bishop’s Mitre, Kensei no Myouri, The Cap’n’s Marble and The Archaeo-Dynast’s Trinket, for example). Also, once beaten in this fashion, they become refightable at the Crucible of Souls.

How’zat sound?