Potential bug with Nether Stones

So… I spent a full twenty hours abusing the Bad Luck Protection of Nether Stones in order to gather data on how they roll, how rare certain affixes are, and how they determine the value of the rolls… And after about 1800 stones, I came to a conclusion.

Stones cannot roll traits that are outside of your summoned monster pool. Now, it goes beyond that, but i’m not sure where. Every Trait I rolled belonged to one of the core monsters I played with, from a pool of roughly sixteen. Across roughly 140 stones that rolled traits out of 1300 when I first made the realization, not a single Trait belonged to a creature outside of that sixteen monster pool.

Then, assuming that I needed to just add the monsters I wanted to my stable, I did so with roughly sixteen more monsters, theoretically halving the odds of seeing the same set of traits as before. I did not level these monsters. Three hundred stones later, and there still weren’t any traits rolled outside of that original sixteen monster pool. This implies that a certain amount of combat must be had with the monsters, or that my sample size of three hundred was too small to properly test… Regardless, I got tired of trying after figuring out how the stat weights are rolled.

Complaint: Stone Potential Stat Weight rolls seem wildly too low to be of a proper impact to ‘late game’ builds, as roughly 2/3rds of the stones I rolled were sub 50 stat weight.

Suggestion: Let Highest Realm Depth have a ‘roll floor’ modifier attached to it for the sake of the Potential Stat Weight roll of the stones, to allow for progress to equate to expected power.

I don’t have the slightest clue how you abused the Bad Luck Protection to get 1800 Nether Stones… :astonished: 0_0

It’s possible, but the difference between data collection and exploit is intention; I would rather not post my methods for fear of it leading to this end game ‘Ooo, random shiny!’ grind turning into a slog for everyone just trying to get the nether stone that fits their build.

In all honesty, I hope what I did gets patched out somehow, as it is a -very- unfair advantage.