Potential Exotic Creatures

I’m planning to grab another exotic creature tier, but I have so many creature ideas I’m not entirely sure which to pick. As such I’m listing them here for feedback, and to allow other backers to ‘steal’ any they’d like to use (so I have less to pick from).

Cait Sidhe
(the irish ‘fairy cat’, basically a grinning black cat with a white diamond-shaped patch of fur on its chest. likely also wearing a crown in reference to the Tom Tildrum tale)
Lore: Suspicious of the cats’ unnatural longevity and magical powers, the stablehand spent many a sleepless night observing them in secrecy, and one night managed to catch them walking out- on two legs no less- to attend a parade of cats celebrating the crowning of a king of cats. He fled back to tell of what he found, but none would believe him.
Material name: Small Crown
Trait name: King of the Cats
At the start of the battle, if there is a creature with a racial trait in your party, this creature becomes the same race as them and gains a random trait from their race.

(an old Siralim 3 sprite of your choice corrupted and creepypasta’d. Like a pilwiz with its head backwards, literal transparent hole for an eye, mouth too wide open, for example, along with glitchiness… and the movement sprite being of a different creature also corrupted)
Lore: In extremely rare cases, a summoning that has been forcibly interrupted will result in the creature being trapped in a state of questionable existence, making them difficult to fight or even help. Many attempt to replicate it, but others question the consequences that may come…
Material name: Nothing
Trait name: Undefined
This creature cannot be affected or impeded by any external effects that isn’t damage or healing, even positive ones.
(Name idea credit to GayMonsterAunt!)

(A dolphin made of rippling water, with a headless stone statue meditating on its back, and a purple-pink sundown where its head would be.)
Lore: Lister woke up one day to find he had accidentally created one of his vivid dreams, but due to the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere it shared, he decided to let it loose upon Rodia rather than destroy it believing everyone would appreciate it.
Material name: Sparkling Tea
Trait name: Relaxing Wave
When when your creatures fall asleep, that creature gains a small amount of a random stat. On this creature’s turn, there is a 15% chance to inflict sleep on a random ally.

Ketsuban sounds the coolest imho followed by Hypnagogia. That trait would be pretty OP on a druid and honestly would add a different form of battling / strategy.