Power Balance Question

Does anyone know what Power Balance effects and what it doesn’t?

How does it relate to the Loot Hoarding Talent? (The two seem quite similar)

My understanding is that it doesn’t affect Resources gained after a fight. (Does this include Power gains? With a name like “Power Balance” it seems possible that it might affect power gains )

The main reason that I ask is because I am trying to understand the usefulness of the Power-Balance talents (e.g., Max Power Balance and Bonus Power Balance) as compared to other talents that improve loot.

Early game, I really like the Spoils of War talent. However, as I get a bit further in the game and start to care about things like Legendary crafting materials and Nether Orb drops … then Loot Hoarding, Treasure Findings, Better Duty Rewards, and Power Balance all seem like good talents and it is difficult for me to compare their relative value.

Power Balance is both a multiplier on loot value and resources found, I believe.

It affects the amount of power gained in battle and the quality of loot you receive from sources like chests, nomads, etc.