power balance

Power balance seemed to me initially as a counterbalance from good loot to using strong spells (although I never use spells)

Now I am not sure it has any use as a mechanic any more.

Also the portal at the castle says it consumes 5% of it but it actually does not.

Power Balance affects the power and plasma you earn in battle, as well as the quality/quantity of loot received from chests, Duties, and things like that. If you die or run from battle, you lose Power Balance which temporarily diminishes these bonuses. I think that’s a good way to punish players for dying/running without directly taking anything away from them. This mechanic will be used for other content in the future.

Power Balance can never drop below 20%, so when you used the portal, is it possible that you had only 20% Power Balance at that time?

If I want to run from a battle I close the game window, I am not crazy enough to lose several thousand from all my resources :stuck_out_tongue:

I am always at 200% power balance, that is how I can tell that I don’t lose any when I enter the portal.

I save and exit, enter the portal, fight and it says 200%.

Force closing the game to escape a fight is a way to not losing power balance or wiping if you play on hardcore but you lose your progress saved so far.

On the other hand, with the next update that saves the game after each fight, force closing won’t be punishing so much anymore.

For my part I think I prefer losing 30% power balance than force closing the game as it is an exploit and you lose progress anyway. If you have managed to find some rare items since the last save, you can lose something valuable.