Power Consumption

Two things:

  1. It seems like power was added as an additional requirement for castle construction rituals, but for many rituals its not listed as a cost. Example: the nature and death realm rituals.

  2. Apparently breaking down old equipment at the blacksmith also consumes power (if it informs you of this I missed it), and there’s no check to see if you have enough resources. I wound up at -10000 power, and subsequently struggled to get my 4th and 5th creature, as by the time I climbed back to positive power enemies were starting to grow more and more powerful.

Very good catch! The early construction rituals are intended to cost only granite; not power. Unfortunately, it turns out that there’s a bug that subtracts your power for these rituals anyway, which caused you to dip into a negative power amount. You probably started construction for the blacksmith or enchanter which caused such a massive power deficit. This will be fixed for the update that I push out tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you’d like to e-mail your save file to me (zack@thylacinestudios.com) I’d be more than happy to give you some more power to get you back on track. You can find your save file at C:\Users[YOUR_USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Siralim. The file will be called siralimX.ini, where X is the number of your save slot.

I’m very sorry about the inconvenience! Thank you for reporting it.

Ah, that could be exactly it :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick reply, email sent. Happy bug squashing!

Sent it back to you with the power. Once again, sorry for the frustration!