I’ve been playing Siralim 2 for a while, mostly being drawn to it because of how much it resembles the old GBA game Dragon Warrior Monsters, altough with far more content and mechanics, which I love and apreciate. My favorite part of th game is the breeding mechanic and playing around with the combinations in order to create the “ultimate creature”. Now to do this, and much more, one requires Power, a resource that we farm rather easily but that is spent way too quickly.
My suggestion to fix this would a room in the castle that serves as a Power Bank, siphoning excess Power for storage and later use after the player as reached his/her limit. This would be a costly room due to it’s utility and it upgrading it would increase the amount of excess Power it can store (for example let’s say 50/100/150/200). This would let players progress the maps without the care of wasting Power collected after they reach their limits, also letting us breed and upgrade more frequently before going back to the grind.
Thank you for all the great work to the Thylacine Team and I hope you keep making the Siralim saga great in Siralim 3.

You might be happy to hear that Power Balance is not in Siralim 3 at all, so that won’t prevent you from breeding anymore.

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