Praise for Siralim Ultimate

TLDR at the bottom because I’m long winded.

I just wanted to give some praise where it’s due. Siralim Ultimate has exceeded my expectations, and I had pretty high expectations coming in since Siralim 1-3 have all been fun time sinks. I really wanted to point out the differences I’ve most appreciated coming into Siralim Ultimate:

Spell gem charges vs Mana: This has been a big improvement over the old mana setup. It was a little frustrating in previous Siralim games how most monsters could never cast certain spells just because the mana cost exceeded their max mana.

Specializations: These are way more interesting than the old perk systems. I also really like how the Goblet of Giving encourages switching up your specialization. Anything that makes you have to think outside your current strategy is welcome in a squad building game like Siralim.

Reliquary: I’m really impressed with how intriguing the Reliquary has turned out to be. I really like the visual for it as well, having that big relic icon in the background of the relics stats when you’re looking at it on your creature helps that immersive ownership feel, like you’ve really got a cool relic in your possession, and not just some stat enhancing file.

Rune of Prophecy: I really like the bingo card style mini-game. I guess it’s the completionist in me, but I like being able to check off another slot on the bingo card. It also keeps me engaged by making me wonder when the optimal time to turn in my card is. Do I wait until I find that last Nether Realm pocket? Or do I just turn it in now and get a new bingo card that allows me to work on 25 new challenges all at once?

Monster Collection: The abolishment of the ‘core extraction’ is maybe one of my favourite changes. That completionist in me again had that compulsion to extract every monster’s core before killing it in Siralim 3. Not having to worry about whether or not you should be extracting a core from a creature before killing it makes the battle loop much smoother.

Realm Flavor: On that same monster note, I really like that each realm has a default set of monster races that appear in them. It really helps give realms more personality. More importantly it grants player’s control over what type of monsters they’ll be encountering when diving into a realm and more player choice is always a good thing.

Story: I did like the story in Siralim 2 and 3 as well, so this isn’t really a difference. I just wanted to add that I do enjoy the humorous banter. Story really breathes life into a game. Probably the most important part in making a game feel alive and immersive is that NPC feedback and Siralim Ultimate has done a good job with that so far.

Do I have an actual suggestion? Sure, here ya go. Keep being awesome! I really just wanted to make a post that is all about appreciation for what the game has already accomplished. I feel that knowing what we like about Siralim Ultimate now will help future content be more in line with what we like, so if you have any praise to give, let it be heard! or read or whatever…

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! I appreciate the feedback and I’m glad to hear you like the game so far!