Pre-battle lag due to resolving spells takes insane amount of time

easly 10-20 seconds of lag (you see enemies and a notice that blah blah encountered a group of creatures)
then before any action can commence, 10-20 second passes in following setup:
chaos/magma diving
spell tap with 3 aoe
removing pallida resolves that ofc
btw lag only became that bad like today. maybe some other changes ramped up the calculations. but it never was superfast/instant i admit to get into combat if you have something pre-casting

but ehm, if its a feature that intended to make it into the final release (some spells that could be cast at the start of the battle), maybe you ll look into it when you ll have time.

on the other hand we allready dropped many triggers

tbh regarding pallida id rather have some 1 or 2 spells with 100% chance even sacrificing a trait then have 18 spells with 15% chance
that can unload 0 (very rarely) or far. far more than needed (usually). manual cast is an option too ofc but then you need tons of speed which is unobtainable early game w/o some spoilers/meta knowledge (if you want to soften enemy w/o taking a massive hit 1st) :stuck_out_tongue:

kk, sleepy allready, game is great, thanks, have to sleep sometimes too