Prestige / Rank system for our Monsters

I think this type of system could be a really fun alternative to the “gacha/combining” mechanic some other monster battling games have. Each “Prestige/rank” could have a list of tasks that need to be completed before the monster gains a prestige/rank. For example, prestige/rank 1 could simply require the monster be level 1,000, defeat a monster on realm depth 300, and defeat a god at the gate of the gods. Prestige rank 10 would require the monster be level 10,000, win 100 battles in a row, defeat a gate of the gods monster @ difficulty 50, etc… Prestige/rank could unlock special abilities for that monster/ boost its stats/ give it a cool portrait or badge. An example, Prestige/rank 1 ability Upon death this creature resurrects at full health, Prestige 2 this creature gains +1 to all of its base stats,… Prestige 10 Unlocks a unique flavored attack for that creatures race (just an example). For example, maybe regalis’ attack would apply a powerful toxin and disable the monster in a cocoon for 2 turns, a forsaken monster would apply an infection to its target, etc…

Here’s what the Prestige 10 badge might look like: