Prevent dumpling mirrorball exp gains

Version: 0.1.6

Gather six dumplings
Take to mirrorball and win.

Millions of exp are yours.

Exp is spread to stable and current team members.

Nice trick ;D

But is this really not intended? As far as I remember I got exp from Siralim 2 Mirroballs fights.
And “Gather six dumplings”, well, you say it like I can do this in 5 minutes or so ;D
Furthermore I can imagine easier things than winning mirrorball fights 8)

Seriously a nerf wouldn’t hurt - it is really too much - but not that I do not gain exp at all. Getting Six dumplings deserves a reward - in every RPG there are pleasant exp tricks

not bad but barely worth the hassle. 1.2m ok, its like 20ish ± nemesis fights that you can get just by the way, 1 mirrorball per 1 kingdom. no to think of it its a good bonus. but carrying 6 dumplings with you all the time idk. Maybe as a switch team to grind some exp? it doesnt seem too huge or broken.

Plus as i can see your char barely got any exp. So its worth the hassle even less. IF it were 1.2 mil exp for char as well id consider 6 dumplings group :stuck_out_tongue: Exp by itself is nothing big. Your creatures get +3 puny heredity for being max level on breeding thats it? in normal fights even if you ll take lv1 one with you it ll skyrocket soon enough. tbh if you carry a good nether thats of appropriate level your team level is less of an issue.

So what i see is a nice trick to get some stable exp if you want it (id rather get some 5 underlevelled group with nether and go grind charms/nemesis, for a lil lower yet similar xp but amazing loot/resource gain). Its a good option that you ve found, amusing one even, but i dont see anythings broken here :slight_smile:


thank you for clarifying, I am not that far into the game yet so 1.2 million seems like much.
Then I hope it won’t be changed

To clarify, defeating a 6x dumpling mirrorball at realm depth 69 gives ~20M exp.

There’s a secret recipe to breed dumplings.

Could you please send me your save file? I know that’s a weird request for something that should be so minor, but the weird part is that I purposely attempted to fix this “exploit” for Siralim 3 and the fix seems to be working with my own testing. I’m wondering if there’s some small variable (cough a bug) that is specifically preventing the fix from working on your save file.

Save files are in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Siralim3\save and will be called something like slot1.sav. If you could send it to I’d really appreciate it!


Thank you!