previews of new redesigns?

The current redesigns of creatures have been quite interesting - I was wondering if the ones in the newest patch could be posted while we wait for it on PC and iOS? :slight_smile:

The blood slimes are pretty cute.

The slimes definitely take some getting used to. I almost had the graphics artist redo them entirely, but then they grew on me. Hopefully they grow on everyone else as well. Here’s the new Glutinous Slime:

Here’s a concept design for the new Doom Fortresses that he just sent me. This is the Stronghold:

Ooh, nice - especially the Stronghold. Though the slime is entertaining, too - sort of a demented take on a very familiar slime :wink:

Cool to see a sneak preview, as well!

Currently, the Pandemonium King looks like a toddler who tried to eat a mustard covered hot dog and failed.

Lol! At least I’m not the only one who thought so. Although I like the current necropolis version, this new doom fortress look is a definite thumbs up from me. I liked the strange looking circular slimes, but these goofy goobers aren’t reproachable. I’m sure they’ll grow on me as they did for you.

Completely my fault. I figured I’d try to get crafty and re-color of the Mouth of Hell all by myself, and the outcome proves that I have no business creating or editing graphics of any kind.

Really, though, can you think of a better mental image for Mouth of Hell than a toddler who got into a fight with a mustard bottle? I can’t. :slight_smile:

Says the new father…

The Mouth of Hell art is a current favorite of mine.

Did you ever manage to invent Ghost Dye, that makes your creature look invisible all the time?