Priest of light innate trait no longer works:

Bearer of light attack ally to heal it for 100% of its health. I attack an ally now and It does Zero damage or crits for 2 damage.

Pertinent info:
I have overheal perk for light mage.
I just beat realm 40 and main story.
I have tried it on several fights in several low level and 40 level realms.
It was working yesterday 100% of the time lol.
I dont know what a nether creature is and I dont know how to create one. I dont know what diamond attunement is.
It works occasionally in the same battle but randomly doesnt work especially when i hit my caritas sanctus. However sometimes it doesnt work on other allies as well.

Thank you

Could you list your party comp, including any artifact traits?

Omnipotent diety: Singularity, Artifact: Viper’s mind
Priest of light: bearer of need
Clairvoyant Spirit: Abnegation
Willow spirit: everglow
Narklin ophan: Mantra
Caritas Sanctus: Charity

The comp was working beautifully all of yesterday and I was very happy with it lol. Thank you for your help.

Sorry i didn’t see the sticky for this forum.

No crash.

Described in original post.

[b]What operating system are you playing the game on? Windows 10

[b]What game version are you playing? 2.3.3