Progression could be a bit more impactful.

I feel like the difference between realm 1 and realm 80 could be a bit more rewarding. Not sure what that would be, but right now, the only change is getting maybe 25% more overall resources, though that may even just be my power level being higher on certain runs. (Does it increase substantially?)

Throwing some ideas out there. Granted some might be terrible, but I’m just trying to get the ball rolling here:

Every new realm cleared upgrade one of your spell gems, or chance to. Or artifact. Or monster. Or… whatever.

Every new realm lets you increase one monster’s stat by 5%. (This admittedly is a bad one, because that’s what leveling itself does, but am leaving here.)

Clearing a realm for the first time gives you a massive loot container with guaranteed legendary material or several high level high gene cores.

Higher realm the higher your power level. Realm 500 = Maximum 500% power level. (Understanding some people are on realm 10000, this may not be feasible, lol Of course that’s part of the challenge of design, making it appealing but balanced for both those at realm 20 and realm 54203.)

Every ten realms, big loot chest.

I dunno. That’s the general idea I have. Something to push the player other than seeing the realm rank increase. Otherwise enjoying the game lots, and liking all the progress. Maybe I’ve just played too much…

I’d like every 5-10 realms, something. A free random egg from a creature you already have, a big ressource bonus, a unique item, a legendary arteact… maybe all of them, turn by turn at random.
Oh, Every 10 realms, walk speed boost. Little by little, you become faster.