Progression Speed

In the process of starting a new game, I’ve come to realize one thing that bothers me…and that’s the speed of progression when going through the creature tiers.

Currently, you’re required to reach level 125 in order to get to all 30 creature tiers. Now, I understand the need to separate the creatures so that you don’t get too overwhelmed too quickly, and I understand this creates a good “carrot” to go chasing after, a way to keep going. That said, for some of us the game doesn’t really begin until tier 30 and we have full knowledge of the creatures available to us, and thus can start planning our end-game parties. I think I’d prefer if we can get to that final creature tier a little faster.

At least for me, the mage level isn’t actually the problem in unlocking the tiers, it’s the resource cost and ritual time. The later rituals are insanely long, even with maximum reduced ritual time, and I’m still only at tier 19 at level 180 or so.

This is true as well. The resource costs are very high. Level was my limiter only because I was abusing the Nexus Amaranth and Nightwing Gargoyle as soon as I could grab them, and never removed them from my party until I hit tier 30. I imagine trying to grind up to these things without those creatures would be a nightmare.

Sorry for the double post, but just had another possible idea: how about a new game mode that is only unlocked after you have reached tier 30 in the standard creature tiers and completed all construction rituals, that has all thirty tiers and all castle rooms unlocked at the beginning?

That’d be a cool unlockable mode!

Personally, I didn’t focus grind the creature tiers and by the time I was into the heavy costs, I was already making more resources than I could spend. I was only 130 or so when I finished the tiers and it was without any real haste or trouble. I started one up when the other finished and didn’t pay it much mind, focusing more on tailoring gems and orbs for future nethers, training creatures for potential teams, and toying with synergies were what I was actually doing. This time before I completed all of the tiers was meant to be prep time so that I could get my ducks in a row for the “full” roster. Sure I might not have all the creatures, but I haven’t tried and worked with all the creatures I did have at the time. So I saw it as an encouragement to focus on these things and let those final tiers come naturally.

I may have sounded like it before, but I don’t really think the unlocking is too slow currently; maybe the ritual energy requirements on the latest tiers could be eased back a bit, but it’s felt like a good pace so far. Once I unlock a tier, I have time to check out what’s in store from it before I unlock the next one, and I’ve never felt like I’m being too limited or having to grind to see something new.

The ritual times are a bit long but you can always use shards to rush them. Make sure it is the only ritual that is active so all the energy goes to it. Resources are a problem until you can access the nightwing gargoyle.
The progression right now seems fine to me. When I started, it was really fun making builds with the units I only have access to and switching them up once I unlocked new creatures.