Prophecy Board

I love the prophecies board. The whole idea is fun. What I think slows it down and wrecks it are the riddle dwarves. In time it takes to finish one riddle dwarf task on the board I can turn an incomplete board in twice and get more rewards. I had a full board that gave out 20.1K piety, it took forever because there were 3 riddle dwarf spots on the board. Have a partially complete board that gives about 13k piety with 3 spots open. I can’t complete one task (assassin), the other is slot machine with 1/5 complete. 3rd is easy, dig up a treasure. So I can grind endlessly for those 4 random slot machine tickets… or give up and start a new board. This will always be the case I think when I have riddle dwarf slots open. Not fun.

Either drop the riddle dwarf games from the prophecy board, or reduce the number of tickets needed to complete the spot to 1 to put it more in line with the number of runs needed to complete the other spots. Even one is silly, first you have to find a dwarf, some runs have none. Then you have to hope you get a ticket by answering the question correctly (not usually hard), then you have to hope you get the right ticket. I’d be happy if they were dropped completely from the board!

Riddle Dwarf tickets aren’t random anymore, so it’s a lot easier to get tickets now, especially with the Riddle Dwarf Nether Realm. They used to be the most annoying but now they’re really easy, as long as you don’t “waste” a lot of tickets when you don’t have a prophecy for them.

Thanks! I missed that change somehow! That makes a lot more sense much less annoying!

Yeah, I used to always be stuck just needing one type of ticket and getting all the others, lol. I was so happy when that got changed haha. I just don’t feel right turning in incomplete ones. XP

And the dwarf Nether Realms are nice, too. There’s one that has one of each type of game you can play once without tickets, and one that has a bunch of riddles, so you can get one of each ticket.

I am usually still hesitant to use tickets when I don’t have a prophecy for it, but when I save up enough sometimes I will.

I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong or have a bug. New prophecy. Need slot machine, have no tickets, but I don have tickets for other games like keno? I should have thought I’d have gained more non-random tickets by now as I’ve hit the riddle dwarf a few times since starting a new prophecy? I’m probably missing something. I’ll keep looking!