Prophecy rewards feel really really bad

EDIT: if ill recieve one good item per 10 prophs im content with it,
but still would be awesome to remove trash loot (dust, tier 1 materials)
and put something like 0-x random runes 0-x random emblems in the table
since when you recieve 5 pages of loot, and only notable item is 1 pandemonium tokens, you understand that new diety tier rewards arent a rip off at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Its basically junk. 10 times worse then a boss itherian chest. Ok once a good item popped. But it totally doesnt cancel the fact that we got just a big pile of junk otherwise. Dust thats can be obtained by just grinding any realm gems, cmon, far less resources then any chest contains (they are not even needed there, but a single handful of brimstone looks just puny in comparision with your good - not even rare - chest loot. So at the moment its just like a very bad itherian realm 2 boss chest loot combined, unless you hit the jackpot which you wont.
It was amazing reward in S2 (dust) but now its a funny one.
Its great that you can obtain some good/rare loot with some chance, but it shouldnt feel like you get pure unusable trash only 9 times of 10. I mean even 2-10 emblems of random gods would feel quite good. Idk, maybe some bottles/pandem tokens well you know better.
I dont suggest to put OP loot in, but just id rather have 1-5 moderately good items, then 5 pages of pure junk :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, you’ve actually received a good item from prophs? I’m halfway through unlocking all proph Steam achievements and I haven’t had a single special item from it. I thought the dust and tomes were supposed to be the “special loot” at this point tbh, lol.

I considered tomes to be rather good. That was before genes were implemented. And no, nothing really good, i dont even get trap gems. On achieves i really miss only S rank/cards/knowledge/gods and realm depth, so should be around that too. Well prophecies too. But last few days im just waiting for a more stable version of the game so not aware of the last changes.