[PS4] Battle Lag

I have already messaged support about this issue but was curious if anyone else may have had or are having this problem. Haven’t been playing long. Maybe a couple weeks. Sitting around the mid-70’s for realm depth. Running a team of casters with some initial battle abilities. Currently, Stricken to give all enemies 2 random debuffs at the start of battle and Pallida(I believe it’s called) that has each of my creatures’ first three spell gems have a 15% chance to cast at the start of battle.

Now the issue is that some battles work smoothly. I always use Turbo in battle so as soon as the battle starts, I begin holding down the “X” button to activate Turbo mode. In the case of the smooth battle, it works as intended. Buffs and debuffs are distributed, spells go off, can be a long process as far as running in Turbo mode is concerned but is definitely much faster than it would otherwise be.

In the case of other battles, as soon as the battle begins you can see the game creep along at about half normal speed even while holding the turbo button down. Before any effects even go off. It does seem like it happens more often in certain realms, such as The Azure Dream, and also with groupings of monsters with a lot of different color palettes. It also tends to quicken after I kill a creature or two on the opposing side. Now, I’m in now way a game designer nor do I have any knowledge of what can cause bugs or other errors but it just seems like more is going on that’s causing the slow down besides me having a handful of “When Battle Begins” effects.

Ultimately, I was just curious if anyone else has had, or is currently having, this issue. If it’s just something I have to live with because of my team composition, so be it. I do have a few pages of unused spell gems but I’m not sure that has anything to do with battle being slow although I had read about people having slow down issues due to a mass amount of items in inventory. But the overworld runs smoothly even at x4 speed. It’s only battle, and even then, only on SOME battles happening in realms such as The Azure Dream and The Torture Chamber.

I’m also unsure of my current game version as I’m not anywhere near my console at the time of writing this post but I can update with my current version if it’s requested. I have, however, clicked “check for update” multiple times on the Playstation Home screen for Siralim 3 and have been told I’m running the latest version.

I just can’t help but think there’s an issue that’s more than my team composition, gems, traits, and macros.

Do you have a lot of Singular creatures in your party? I just discovered a performance issue when you have a lot of singular creatures at once in battle. This is most noticeable on PS4/Switch and I’ve already fixed it for the next patch, so hopefully that will help out a lot.

Thanks for the reply. I do have 1 singular creature in my party so I wouldn’t call that a lot. Used to run 2 but I did switch out one of my singular creatures for an Itherian. Is it simply because they’re singular or because a bunch of different color palettes have to load at once? Maybe ones that are more memory intensive? I don’t know…all I can say for sure is once one or two enemies are eliminated, the lag loosens up and the turbo mode comes back like normal. If enemies are resurrected, the lag returns. I can also say that even when battle seems normal at first, if all enemies hang around through a couple turns and get something around 4-5+debuffs, the lag occurs as well.

Also, is there an approximate release date for the patch you’re referring to or has it already been implemented?

In case it’s important, I did find out my PS4 is running 1.3.22 and all posts I see concerning version states 1.3.23. Not sure if the number of the version is just showing up incorrectly or if I somehow don’t have a current version.

That’s the latest version for PS4. We’ll see if the next patch fixes your issue (no ETA though - pretty much just when it’s ready) - I’ve optimized a lot of things so it should help quite a bit.

Sounds good to me. Thanks for the help!