PS4 Cloud Save

You mentioned in my thread about when PS4 version will arrive and said that we won’t be able to use the cloud from our phone version? Can you explain why PS4 wouldn’t allow that since it’s a very good feature for both console and on the road and vice a versa.

That’s very disappointing, but I’m so excited for Tuesday! Who do you tell the release date too, because I still have found zero information, but went here to check specifically.

Thanks have a good one.

If the save files are in the same format as the PC/android version than I would assume that they can be copied onto a flash drive and then transfered to/from the PS4. Although maybe that’s not possible on the PS4, since I don’t have one.

Maybe this helps, Step 7 to tranfer saves from USB onto PS4, Steps 4-6 for out of the PS4 to USB.

Well I was hoping to get an answer from the developers. They told me that they couldn’t work out a deal to be able to crossplay the save files. You can’t transfer it to a USB, at least I don’t think. It’s specially encrypted to your username. Like I can’t just take a friends save and put it on my PS4.

It’s just a let down, I bought the iPhone version, I saw it said cloud and immediately was like ok cool I can get a jump start until it arrives. Good thing I hate phone games and only out 8-11 hours into my file.

Thanks for trying to help!