PS4 crash and corrupted save file

Finished the last story boss and spoke to Damos.

Got the slow text saying I can do what I want and says saving game on blackscreen in back. Just froze
after that. Got the ps4 blue screen with error. Restarted Siralim 2 and my save file is corrupted.

Redownloaded save from cloud (lost progress ugh). Duplicated the problem.

Zack? :slight_smile:

PSN ID: BugbugX

Patch 1.05
VERSION: 2.3.4
PS4 error code: CE-34878-0

It’s supposed to go to black screen. You have to open the menu manually save. Took me 2 tries to figure that out. Why it doesn’t auto save, I don’t know.

However, the crash isn’t supposed to happen. I’ve had a few PS4 crashes myself, but oddly the game saved progress (items and exp) but didn’t save realm progress.

In my case, none of the buttons responded after the text completed and shortly thereafter I got the ps4 blue screen crash.

Think I found the problem here - going to get a patch out either today or tomorrow. Thanks for reporting this, and I’m very sorry about the corruption! Glad you at least had a backup so you didn’t have to start all over again.

Got the new patch and tested it out. It works! (Sort of)
The text indicates that your progress is saved and you should restart… but it doesnt save your progress. Restarted and no saving occured.

You have to go through the text, when it says to restart Siralim 2, you have to MANUALLY OPEN THE MENU AND SAVE - DIY. Then restart and then its all good. At least there is a way to move forward now! :slight_smile:

Thanks Zack!