PS4: Crash on Startup Everytime

This is the PS4 release version. 2.3.3

I think there may be savegame issues. I tried several different starting classes, but only the first save game slot was preserved (the first game I tried). The second save slot deletes everytime. So I decided to just keep playing with the first class I picked. I am about 12 hours in and now the game starts up, gets to the main menu screen, and crashes everytime.

Error (CE-34878-0)

I have reported the problem a few times.

I have deleted and redownloaded, and the same thing happens everytime. The only thing I haven’t done is delete the savegame data.

Sorry about that! There is currently a bug in the PS4 NA version of the game that causes this to happen if you have more than one save file. I’m pretty sure I can release a patch for it today, so the problem should be resolved very soon. If you want to play right now, you could always manually delete all but your favorite save file.

I went to my savedata and apparently the second slot savedata was still there (from 3/14), even though I haven’t been able to access it in-game. I deleted the second slot save and now the game starts up with my level 38 death mage in tact (3/16/17). Whew! It works.

Some other issues, very minor. The super turbo mode is odd, it auto executes sometimes and doesn’t other times. Finally, are you going to offer the skins dlc for PS4?

Unfortunately, there won’t be any DLC for the Playstation versions of the game, simply because the engine we use (Gamemaker) doesn’t support stuff like that for PS4 or Vita. As compensation, the drop rate for Fleshwarper Coins is slightly higher in the Playstation version of the game.