[PS4] Game now crashes on startup

tl;dr Saved after lag spike caused by mass salvage, now game crashes before main menu, and before version number is shown. Error code at bottom of post.

My game had been getting increasingly laggy (20+ seconds to save and anything that involves saving such as loading Nex or the Shady Dealer) so I decided to clear out most of my inventory. I had 120 pages of artifacts (about 2k artifacts) and a similar number of Spell Gems.

Despite saving up to pay off Torun, I could not afford to mass grind my spell gems, meaning I could not afford to fix what was probably causing the lag in my game, but that is a balance issue. I had about 600k essence whereas I needed 700k. Even if I had the amount I needed, I would have been hesitant to undo tens of hours of grinding to reduce lag, and discarding gems individually is not realistic.

What I did do is mass salvage my artifacts. My game froze for about 15 minutes (literally. This is on a regular PS4, not a PS4 Pro) before giving me the pop up window with my resultant materials. The game was now running very slowly, for example my character was moving much slower than usual (I keep the movement speed on 4X in the gameplay options) and I think the moving about in the menu of materials I received from the artifact salvage was also slow, as were NPC idle animations.

I decided to save/quit to see if it would fix the issue before doing anything else important. The save was slow as usual but the game did not freeze. I always move my character around for a couple seconds after a save to be sure it should be “done saving.” I did not close the game during the actual save.

I quit the game from the PS4 home menu once I thought it was safe and restarted the game, but was given a scrollable error message before seeing the main menu. Again, I did not got the error after choosing a save file, but before seeing the options to select continue/new game/credits.

I tried resetting my PS4, and I tried deleting and re-downloading the game, but still got the same error. I’m fairly sure it’s tied to a corrupted save, so it’s strange that I can’t create a new file. I could clear out all the Siralim data from my hard drive, but that’s a last resort and if I lose my character I’m not willing to start a fresh one.

Anyway here’s the error code. I’ve shortened the hashtag lines and might miss spaces but the important stuff I’ll try to copy as accurately as I can.

action number 1
of Async Event: Save-Load
for object obj_resolution:

Cannot apply sqrt to negative number.
at gml_Script_scr_PlayerLevel

stack frame is

Unfortunately, that definitely means your save file is corrupt and didn’t save properly. The game was probably still in the middle of saving data (hence your ultra-slow movement) which caused it to corrupt. I’m very sorry about this. I’m going to look into a way to prevent you from resuming play until the game is 100% done saving - I guess I didn’t realize that it could ever take that long to save on PS4 since it’s instant on desktop/mobile.

I would like to offer you a full refund of the game via PayPal. I know that won’t mitigate any of the frustration you experienced, but at least then you can try out another game instead. If you’re interested in a refund, please e-mail me at zack@thylacinestudios.com. Outside of that, please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

Thanks! I love your transparency with these issues. I’ll pass on the refund; at 100+ hours I got a great value already.

To discourage players letting items pile up in their inventories, I would consider either:

[ul][li]lowering the cost to grind Spell Gems[/li]
[li]lowering the Spell Gem drop rate[/li]
[li]offering a mass discard option with a warning box that no materials will be received[/li]
[li]adding a slider to the grind menu to decrease resource cost for a proportional reward decrease[/li]
[li]offering filters in the menu for quickly locking items with a property, such as Generous or >20 Brimstone gained in battle.[/li][/ul]

Thanks again Zack, I’m already looking forward to the next Thylacine release (The Negative, I hope).