ps4 patch removed all my creatures

Just patched the ps4 version to 2.4.2 and all my creatures are gone along with artifacts they had.Level 77 nature mage on that save. Level 24 on other save, same issue. Going to start leveling new team I guess lol.

A hotfix has been submitted and should be out in a day or two. If you don’t overwrite your save files, they’ll be fine after the hotfix is deployed. I’m really sorry about this!

Sorry about redundant post. Submitted post and another post on same subject had just been posted while I was posting mine.

Not a problem at all!

Cool, thanks for working so fast on it!
By the way when you say overwrite my save file, you mean I can’t save my game at all with the same character or you mean create a new game and save over it? Because I just saved after summoning a creature

Unfortunately, I mean that you can’t save the game at all. So your creatures are gone on that file forever unless you have a backup. I’m so sorry about this - I know how badly it takes the wind out of your sails when something like this happens. I’ll make sure this never happens again.

No worries mate, I know you guys are doing your best :slight_smile:
The only important thing I lost was my nether creature anyway, so I’m just glad I have all the resources, items, cores etc. I’ll just form my party again