[PS4] Screen size incorrect

The screen is cut off by about 1/2 a character on all sides. Quite annoying to play, and there’s nothing in options to resize the screen properly.

Attached pictures to showcase it.

You need to adjust your TV’s zoom option.

I’ve done that, it doesn’t help.
No other game has this issue.

Options are:
Fit to size - current
16:9 - same
Zoom - worse
4:3 - looks terrible

It might be some other setting on your TV then (keep “fit to size” for zoom - that’s definitely correct). There’s not even a way for the game to determine the size of your TV display - so it just “exists” and your monitor is responsible for displaying it correctly.

Another idea I have is to turn off “overscan” on your TV if that’s an option.

Alternatively, you could try going into the “Sound & Display” settings on your PS4 and adjust the “Display Area Setting”. Not 100% sure if that will work, but it’s worth a try.

If all else fails, can you tell me what TV you have? I could do some research and try to figure it out that way as well.

Samsung pn50c550g1fxza

I’ll just suffer through it. It’s not too terribly bad.

I did try it out on another TV, and it looks perfect. So I suppose it is my tv in some fashion. How annoying, because I really like my tv. :frowning: