PS4 - Siralim 3, crash on launch due to corrupted(?) save

It’s giving me an error that hard-crashes the application upon launch, as soon as it begins to load the save file(s). I only have one save on slot 1.

“Cannot apply sqrt to negative number. at gml_Script_scr_PlayerLevel”

The game then crashes and gives a generic PS “Eh something went wrong” error.

Sadly I was 120 hours into the file. I immediately went to check my PS Plus online backup… only to discover apparently it had been disabled for who knows how long and Siralim 3 had never made a single backup in any of those 120 hours. Don’t even know how it could have been disabled. Absolutely devastating.

There were a few more details about stack locations and such, but the sqrt to negative number was the error itself. Not sure what to do. I was so close to finishing all 15 god avatars! No way am I going to go through all that grinding from the start again…

I’m very sorry that your save file is lost! That error means that it is definitely corrupt (maybe even empty) so unfortunately, there’s no way to recover it.

Nooooo damn aaaaaaaghhhhhhhhh.

Well… guess that’s it then. Damn it.