PS4 Siralim Ritual Glitch?

I am at the part where they wants me to complete the “global” something ritual. I did one before it by accident. I been grinding and finally its at 10000/10000 but it doesn’t say its complete. Am I missing something here? Am I suppose to talk to someone? It’s the enchanted ritual. Usually when I get the percentage to 100% it just say that it was complete.

I would like to figure this out before continuing. If it is glitched out then I will stop playing it. :frowning:
Any help would be appreciated.


You mean the Enchanter ritual? If so, you can complete the ritual by going to the map and interacting with it. It’s the same for all Castle upgrades rituals.

When I go to the Ritual Table it says that I am currently doing one. But when I go to rituals menu it says that the progress is 10,000/10,000. Therefore its complete, but it never said it was done. My quest is to do the Global Ritual, but I can’t cause I have this one pending that is completed. Any idea?

What does it say in the Rituals menu, what’s the name of the ritual? It might be a Power Spell, in which case you would need to go to the Spell Chamber just above the War Room and interact the object on the right of the screen (I think it’s called the Goblet of Power).

I have to do the “Goblet” Ritual. That is my quest. Right now I have Legendary Artifact Enchantment Ritual at 10,000/10,000. So it has to be complete and it’s not saying anything. I’ll guess i’ll run around and talk to people. I’ll check what you say is the spell chamber (I don’t think I have that). I really think it’s a glitch all the other rituals ended on their own.

EDIT: I really don’t want to start over. I really like the game, but if this is a glitch and I can’t proceed I’ll have to abandon it sadly.

Gotcha. It’s not a glitch, you just did a ritual to apply a legendary material on an artifact. Go back to Sarea the Enchanter, she is located at the bottom left of the castle, sharing a room with the Blacksmith. Talk to her and the ritual will complete. :wink:

I don’t know if it will count as a ritual for the Castle Quest, though.