[PS4] Trophies

Are PS4 trophies implemented? If so, they don’t appear on the trophy list.

Also, if they are implemented, is there a platinum trophy? The last two games only went to gold, which was a disappointment, given the breadth of the game.

Yes, they’re implemented. The full list will appear after you unlock one. I’m releasing a patch tomorrow or Tuesday that will cause them to show up without needing to unlock one.

Any platinum trophy support?

Unfortunately, no. They don’t typically allow digital-only games to have a platinum trophy unless you’re granted one via a special request. I even tried to sneak one in and see what would happen, and it failed certification because I’m just not allowed.

Weird. I’ve got a bunch of digital-only games with platinum trophies.

As to the trophies themselves, they “magically” appeared this morning. I did earn trophies after purchase, but only this morning did they all pop up. Kind of weird, but I’ll assume it’s a PS4 thing.

Thanks for the replies!