PS4 version issues.

I know its been pointed out about castle quests being turned off randomly during the game. I had to restart twice now because I am new and was using it as a general guide of the progression. Very annoying!

I found a couple other issues that I hope are not problems in Siralim 2 because the game idea is great, the practice is lacking. In some areas its just terrible!

  1. Blame RNG or w/e but there is absolutely no mathematical probability that a 30% ability activates 12 times in a row then misses once and activates another 20+ times. I died a horrible death to the early game mob that provokes with the bloom ability. Supposedly a 30% chance it can happen, but it activates closer to 90-95%. I try to kill them first to avoid it but after 6 times of getting the bloom I want to throw my controller because that is absolutely STUPID! At least give the ability a 2 time in a row limit or something because there is no logical reason for a wipe against a stupid 30% chance ability and a zombie when you have 6 characters that can easily wipe the floor with them given a fair chance.

  2. Luckily this happens much less often but it almost always happens when I need an enemy dead the most: I do 2-3 attacks to drop an enemy into the mortally wounded hp range, extract their core, and then it takes 4-6 more hits to drain that last bit of HP when the damage I do hasn’t dropped at all. No skills causing damage issues or regen so obviously the range of “mortally wounded” isn’t accurate or the game is calculating HP% wrong occassionally.

  3. This is probably the most annoying but least fatal issue: You get an enemy down to low HP, you have 2 turns left before the enemies first attack, and even with “mortally wounded” HP level your extract fails… twice. You really wanted to get him extracted and killed before he acts but now he gets a free attack because percentages don’t mean anything in this game. Again annoying but so far it hasn’t gotten me killed.

Yes I understand the nature of RNG (think FF13 Tortoise farming) but even a 30% chance at something should never exceed 45% activation rates under normal chances. That one pisses me off the most. I tallied up how many attacks I made against those enemies during about 1.5 hr span. I did about 220 attacks (give or take 5 due to miscount) and only 70-75 actually landed. The longest streak of Bloom was 19. It took me longer to kill a single one of those things than it took to kill a trio of the unicorns! And they kept reviving each other! I decided to go back to playing Dragon Warrior Monsters hoping a patch comes out that fixes bugs and refines the PS4 version a little at least.

Total game play has been over 30 hours in 8 days. So far my first 2 games ended up being nothing because the castle quest bug. My 3rd game I made I kept running into those stupid 30% chance to evade and heal enemies and kept burning all my heal spells and still dying! This game I was just doing testing and if these problems are “par for the course” I can definitely say I won’t be buying Siralim 2 and the people who asked me to rate the game will get a flat “it’s crap” response. I can handle RNG but RN-fuq-you-G is just a stupid excuse for “difficulty scaling” and if the tool tips in the game are wrong (which 65% activation is NOT 30%) then they either need to be changed or the game needs to be fixed.

Edit: Forgot to add that I made a team of only 3 of those enemies and bloom activated about 120 times out of 1000 attacks made against the trio. Again: 30% activation chance right? I even had each one with 30-40 Luck and 25-30 Speed on their artifacts.

Sorry that you’re frustrated, but I’ve tested the random number generation with a large sample size and it’s working perfectly fine. One player isn’t going to produce accurate statistics in most cases, and confirmation bias also makes things seem a lot more skewed than they really are.

As for the bug you found, we submitted a patch to Sony to fix all known bugs and we’re just waiting for them to approve it now. Sorry about that!

“confirmation bias also makes things seem a lot more skewed than they really are.”

I sat there tallying up a large amount of attacks just to see if it was perceptually based or actually happening. Confirmation bias is out the window! I understand how RNG works but if you give a % based it should average out over 200 chances (or even 100). RNG still gives way for about 50% of the original number value error too, so 15-45% chance is more reasonable than it sounds. 65% activation as an enemy and 12% activation as an ally is WAY outside the range for even RNG.

A game shouldn’t be based on pure luck and that’s more what this game is than anything. I like the idea but the practice is REALLY frustrating and completely insane. My first attempt at this game I fell flat on my face for the first 4 hours because I thought about it like DWM but even after that between the bugs and RNG I have not made it past lv 24 yet.

There is no good advice on how to handle getting over the hump of early game and all it takes is one bad string of luck to send you back to the castle worse for the wear and wasting your hard earned power balance. At 2% per battle, needing 10% per realm, and losing 30% because RNG decided to ruin your fun… stupid, not challenging.

You’re probably at too high of a realm level right now. Think of realm level as a difficulty slider more than anything else. So it’s completely fine to sit at realm level 1-2 until you’ve built up a better team and crafted some better artifacts.

I have gone to realm 3 just to get the merchant and have been sitting at realm 1-2. The difficulty scales faster than your artifacts and ability to gather resources. Around lv 22 this last time I tried making a whole new team of lv 1 monsters (used up nearly all my resources doing it too) and then my castle quests quit working after I went into the next realm. Even with the higher lv artifacts my creatures were not killing enemies any faster, nor was the luck seeming to have any real affect. Luckily defense isn’t luck based so my team took much less damage.

I don’t want an easy game but I don’t like fighting a losing battle either. I will wait for the patch and see how it goes after that but at this rate my early excitement for this game is quickly turning into frustration and irritation. I was so excited about it that when people on my PSN friendlist asked me about it I had to play it more to give it a fair evaluation, but now I don’t even talk to others about it because it’s more frustration than fun.

I loved Dragon Warrior Monsters and hoped this game would be equally amazing in its own way and so far it seems desperately in need of a solid community, more information about the game for people when they get stuck, and (I hate to say it) maybe an easier difficulty. I really wanted to get to making my first nether creature but I know thats going to be awhile. I read posts about people lv 24-50 struggling and most responses were basically to just deal with it.

I’m not sure I’d recommend bringing a team of level 1 creatures with you right now. Since level 1 is the minimum level a creature can be, that means you’re right on par with your enemies even at realm level 1 and in that case, random variables will be a lot more significant. I’d like to know what’s on your team though in case there’s any pointers that some other posters could give you.

Edit: I noticed that you mentioned there should be more info available, so in case you didn’t know, there’s a wiki with lots of useful information including new player tips, as well as a list of every creature in the game along with their abilities.

I’ve checked the wiki and it has a ton of monster info but is still missing some that I noticed. The new player tips are for if you manage to even get far enough to implement them.

My staple team:
Life mage
Firewound Angel
Vivi(something) Unicorn
Slime x2

The last 2 spots I try out different mobs. Usually tier 1 and the highest I got was tier 2 before the castle quest issue went weird. I saw people say to rush tiers but I didn’t see a reason to do that until I had a lull in rituals for the castle quests. The lv 1 monsters was a suggestion on the forum here or on steam from a player to do if you are hitting a brick wall with enemies. They suggested using a new team of lv 1 monsters with your powered up artifacts to basically start fresh on an “easier” play through. It didn’t seem like the artifacts did much good though at lv 1 when they should have done a lot more.

Speaking of artifacts, everyone says to upgrade and enchant them but early game you don’t have the power to do enchants or upgrade the blacksmith. Also I don’t have that many resources flowing in. I’m kind of scared to lose my current save to bugs or issues because I got some really nice early game drops (though I know in the long run they mean nothing) even though the mobs are still doing that bloom x4-6 times in a row thing. I’m trying to time my attacks before they provoke on other enemies, then extract while they provoke, and if they attack then finish the other enemies off that way I have just the annoying one left. The last one I fought still took a minute or more to kill because bloom. He went from mortally wounded to full health twice before I killed him.