PS4 version very slow/sluggish

It’s almost unplayable. Not as bad as Vita, but even using turbo modes the game crawls. There’s also odd flickering in Turbo mode.
Characters are lv 15, and the higher they go/more complex the battles get, the worse the issue becomes.
Is there a patch in the works for this?

Yes, there was one released.

Sounds like it was only for the Vita.

Although I’m not sure if this applies to the PS4 or not.

Yeah, I know about the Vita issues. There’s PS4 issues as well. I feel it most when doing a basic function, like scrolling up/down in the menu during a battle. Sometimes my d-pad input won’t register, and I’ll make an incorrect selection (like Provoke instead of Cast). There’s definitely something slowing things down. It takes a bit for hits to register and monsters to cycle through their turn, too. It just feels… slow. I’ve tried reinstalling, but it’s the same.

So far, not happy with the PS4 port.

For reference, I’m using a basic low-level Chaos setup with Berserker Fiend with Splash, Aftermath, and Panic Attack (w/Cast on Kill). Aftermath doesn’t even have any properties. I just shudder to think what the game will play like with some advanced setups and trigger effects.

Actually upon reaching the point in the game you are now at, these problems reoccur on the Vita even after the patch as well.
So the patch for the Vita only really helped until realm level 10 or so.
The symptoms seem to be the same on the PS4 and Vita, like the stuttering when picking battle commands and the generally slow combat you mentioned.

PS4 optimization is an easy fix - should have a patch out for that soon.

Vita will take a bit more time, though it’s still very fixable. Regardless, I’ll be releasing a patch to address a few other issues for Vita first.

Thanks for your patience!

Thanks Zack!
Awesome as always!

Latest patch seems to have cleared this up on PS4!

Sweet! I really hope the Vita patch will come soon as well! ^-^

The Vita patch is in QA testing right now by Sony, but it isn’t necessarily intended to optimize the game any more. That’s a much more involved patch that I am still working on. However, it disables Ultra Turbo Mode which is a HUGE contributor to the lag in battle - the Vita is simply too weak to handle so much stuff going on in such rapid succession, unfortunately. I’m not sure if that’ll solve the problem entirely, but it should be a big help for now.

Ah, I am sorry to hear that. I really liked the concept of the Ultra Turbo Mode.
But if it can’t be helped, so be it.

I actually thought you wouldn’t be able to make the game work on Vita at all (at least until the final PC patches with that crazy optimization).

It’s definitely taken a lot of work!

The main problem is that it only has 512MB RAM. That’s unbelievable to me. I think smartphones were more powerful than that even when it was first released.

Wow, I did not know that! 512MB RAM really isn’t a lot! XD
By the way, do you plan to bring the game to the Switch by any chance?
It sure would bring a lot more RAM to the table. ^-^

I am pretty sure the production value is too low for Nintendo’s standards, but I definitely want to try anyway. GameMaker might be supporting the Switch later this year (that’s just speculation on my part, but there are a lot of signs pointing to it) and if that happens, I will do everything I can to make it happen.

Sweet! As it seems they release a lot of indie games on the Switch and it sure would be a shame if this pearl wasn’t amongst them some day. :smiley:
I mean, games like “Pocket Rumble” do not really look like they have a lot more production value behind them to me, so I am optimistic!

Aren’t third party games more expensive on the Switch though? Like, maybe they’d put the price at $25 or something.

Still sounds like a good deal to me, when I look at games like “Super Bomberman R” or “1-2-Switch!” which cost $50 even! XD